23 January 2011

Meteor Reported in Brasil 22JAN2011 23JAN2011

São Paulo, Brasil Meteor 5:52 am (Local Time) 22JAN2011 

Jan 22 2011, 7:44 PM
GabrielG wrote
Hello,I'm a meteorite collector from Brazil and I'd like to report a fireball that I saw today (22/01/11) at 5:52 a.m. (local time)from São Paulo city.I was preparing a camera to take some pictures from the moon when I saw in the west horizon a green (!) fireball. I think that the magnitude reached -6 or -7, and when I realised it, I think that I saw it during at least 2 seconds. Due to the morning light, I couldn't see the constelations it crossed, but I think it started 25º over de west horizon,crossed around 15º almost perpendicular the horizon and faded between Sirius and Procyon.  I hope that, if it produced a meteorite, it haven't fallen in the sea.  coorection: I see it in the west (not east)horizon, so there isn't any possibility that some possible meteorite had fallen in the sea.
Gabriel Gonçalves Silva.
Thank you Gabriel!  Please fill out the official AMS meteor report.  Best Always, Dirk Ross

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