27 January 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 27JAN2010

Report of the Geislingen (Germany) Meteorite Hunt
by Rob Lessen-  With respect to the Jan. 8th 2011 bolide above Southern Germany, I prepared a short report of subsequent meteorite hunt by German Meteorite Forum members: http://www.asteroidchippings.com/Special_topics/Meteorite_hunt_Geislingen.html

New network to enhance meteorite watch
The Australian
"We see this fireball in the atmosphere and these cameras give us lovely resolution -- so we can get exactly the track of it as it comes in through the ...

American Meteor Society - Fireball Reporting Form
Please, enter below the address where you saw the meteor. If you were in a car, indicate the road you were on and the closest town/city. ...

2011 Draconids meteor outburst
This meteor outburst is quite exceptional since we forecast about one
meteor every 15 seconds on average. It will be a family event (that
Europeans will enjoy), as well as a major scientific campaign

搜狐科学消息据英国《每日邮报》报道美国科学家近日通过对一块陨石进行深入研究后断定地球上的生命是从宇宙空间发展而来的作出结论的主要线索在于对这块陨石所含有的 ...

 Canada's meteorite man
8 min video
Canada's meteorite man, the late Robert Szep, on the Mike Bullard show in 2000.
 The Final Round with Canada's meteorite man
15 min video
Canada's meteorite man,the late Robert Szep,on the panel discussion show The Final Round in 1999.

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