26 January 2011

Hobart Tasmania Australia Massive Green fireball 26JAN2011

Massive Green Meteor Fireball!
Jan 26 2011, 9:53 AM (timestamp Tokyo Local Time)
Guest698 (guest) wtote My name is Anthony Dunbabin at 3.45 AEST on 26 jan 2011 in Hobart Tasmania Australia there was a Massive Green fireball travelling appprox s sw


gus said...

hey Anthony, could you write more info on what you saw ? thanks. if you like you can also post a report on www.tasskypatrol.com thanks

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

IF I do not get an email from you I will delete your comment. I do not allow links to sites posted in comments (unless the site already has a link coming into my site AND I have decided that I wish to support the site). My email is lunarmeteoritehunter@gmail.com Your website has no means of contact without signing up to your website. Thank you for your attention.