21 January 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 21JAN2011

Two Major Fireballs Over North America on January 19

by Robert Lunsford, AMS
The American Meteor Society has received 39 reports of seven separate fireball events over North America on January 19th. Two of these were widely seen events. Both of these events occurred near 21:00 EST. The first occurred over the northern Midwest and southern Canada. There is some wide scattered timing of this event and the possibility exists that this may be more than one fireball. The second occurred over the southeastern states and was seen from Florida north to North Carolina. There is good agreement for the timing plus it seems to been a bit brighter with a majority of those reporting that the peak brightness exceeded that of the full moon.
For more details please visit the AMS website at: 
Refer to reports 83 and 86.
Clear Skies!
Robert Lunsford
American Meteor Society 

Meteorite just some space dust
Daily Herald Thu, 20 Jan 2011 07:13 AM PST
A small meteor shower was spotted over Illinois and Indiana that astronomers said was "space dust" entering the atmoshere and burned up before hitting the ground.

ANSMET Meteorite Hunters' season closing down, “Remember a meteorite is quite ...
(By Correne Coetzer) When you think that you are down on your luck, think again: After their 4.5 billion years' lifetime, some meteorite land on earth to ...

NEW: Big, green and glowing: Was it a meteor seen in mid-Michigan and other ...
The Morning Sun
The consensus is that it was a meteor. David Batch, director of the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University did not see the green light in the sky ...

NASA lunar rocks land at Staten Island's Greenbelt Nature Center
“It's nice to bring people in from the cold to see these rocks — it's not every day you get to see a meteorite or a lunar rock,” said Jessica R. Kratz, ...

Life came from outer space, says NASA
The Australian
RAW ingredients carried to Earth by meteorites may have been the seed of life on our planet, according to evidence revealed yesterday by NASA. ...

Meteor Sighted in Indiana, Chicago
Adler's Chris Lintott says the shooting star was most likely a small meteor and probably didn't hit the ground. Earlier this month, a meteor some described ...

Did a meteorite crash near Festival City last night?
Emirates 24/7
Motorists on Al Badia Road were this morning shocked to see a metre-long crater, right in the centre of the fast lane leading to Dubai Festival City. ...

Tuesday's Meteor was a "Big Rock" | KATC.com | Acadiana-Lafayette ...
Tuesday night's meteor that lit up the skies across Acadiana and much of the Southeast was indeed a big rock. It was approximately a meter in diameter and ...

Meteor prompts sighting reports
Chicago Tribune
The shooting star, which was a meteor probably about the size of 10 grains of salt, likely won't hit the ground and won't become a meteorite, he said. ...

Did meteorites preordain left-loving life?
Nature.com (blog)
The radioactive heating of water-rich meteorites may be the answer to one of the most puzzling questions about the origins of life on Earth, ...

More Asteroids Could Have Made Life's Ingredients
Universe Today
Meteorite impacts could have supplied this material, enriched in left-handed molecules, to Earth. The bias toward left-handedness would have been ...

Green/Blue streak in the sky spotted all over east coast including Upstate ...
News Channel 7
Chief Meteorologist Christy Henderson checked in with the national weather service and said the only logical explanation is a meteor...

Richland Man Finds Meteorite-like Object In Driveway
2 min Video
Richland Man Finds Meteorite-like Object In Driveway
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