13 January 2011

Jackson, Mississippi MAJOR Bolide Meteor Fireball 11JAN2011 Update 13JAN2011

mississippi surveillance video meteor flash tues 11th jan 2011

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Possible meteor down South (video)

45 sec - 3 hours ago
CNN takes a look at images of what could have been a meteor over the Southern states.

Meteor Flashes Across Alabama Sky (video)
A meteor visible from Oklahoma to the Florida panhandle flashed across the sky Tuesday night. (picture in video of green fireball is NOT from this event!)

From Readers of The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News:

Hello, I'm Hoyt Harris, news anchor at KATC (ABC) in Lafayette, LA. I just happened to be returning to the station last night when, exiting my car, I saw falling to Earth at a 45-degree angle, a green, glowing ball of light, with a tail behind it. My first thought was: "Kids, shooting leftover New Year's Eve foreworks." 
But as I entered the newsroom, our producer said we were receiving calls from viewers about "lights in the sky." I immediately posted a query on Facebook and within seconds, friends/viewers began commenting that they, too, had seen the same thing.

Hoyt Harris
KATC anchor
Lafayette, LA

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audrey said...

no joke i really saw it in Dothan Alabama and so did my cousins in the car in front f us. it was like a big green football going really fast and all you could see was a split second of it and some stuff flying off the side of it. it was really neat.i was really surprised when it became national news. it was real cool because i was just riding home and next thing you know you look up in the sky and see this really rare green fast object in the sky. it was ligit! (i really saw it!)

Hoyt Harris said...

Yes, Audrey, so did I. An incredible, out-of-this-world sight and yet it is right there before your eyes. My first thought was that it was a falling flare from a single Roman candle perhaps left over from New Year's Eve. It was vivid, so vivid I thought it was falling to the next street over. But it was streaking at that point perhaps over Mississippi or Alabama and, if so, it was hundreds of miles from where I stood in Southwest Louisiana (Lafayette). If this is the case, then it was ENORMOUS. And so bright. I will never forget the shade of green: like luminous lime, as if lit from within and/or "glowing" in an other-worldly way. I've never seen that...quality...of light before. Glad you saw it, too.

Hoyt Harris
News Anchor
Lafayette, LA

Anonymous said...

I was driving north on I-55 when I saw a bright giant ball sparking across the sky. I let my window down because it was so large I thought I would even hear it too! It was magnificent and kind of scary at the same time...my heart was racing as I watched with fascination. Later I found out it was a meteorite on the news. It was by far the largest I have ever seen!
Mary D. Smith
Amite, LA

audrey said...

this is audrey responding back to Hoyt Harris. i thought the same thing when i saw it. but i thought it was a big christmas light falling down in a parking lot on the side of the road. My dad and i didn't know if landed behind the place or not because it was so big when we saw it and it looked like it was about to hit the ground but we talked about it after we heard about the people in mississipi seeing it and we decided that it must have been extremely big and fast that it was probably either in mississipi when we saw it in the sky or either it was traveling so fast that it was in mississipi only seconds after we saw it. i am going to study up on it some more but it was really spectacular.