09 January 2011

Meteor/Meteorite News 8JAN2011

Man recalls local meteorite
Danville Commercial News
He was in Arkansas where he spends the winter months with his daughter, and an article about ameteorite had brought back memories of his childhood days on ... 
(Paragould Meteorite 800 pounds fell in Arkansas, Feb. 1, 1930)

elp allsky: Meteor News...Bright Long Duration Fireball Over W NM ...
By elp allsky
ELPALLSKY has captured the fireball... Initial composite image below. Thank you Chris! The Fireball appears in the upper left and lasted roughly 5 seconds. Preliminary view shows the meteor WNW of El Paso, TX. More to come. ...

Nepal Astronomical Society(NASO): Night Sky: January 2011
By Nepal Astronomical Society NASO
Quandrantid meteor shower could exhibit the fascinating flashes of its shooting stars that peak in northeastern sky on 04 January before dawn as they emanate from the northern region of Bootes (herdsman). Meteor shower obtain their ...

Ancient NT meteorite in eBay sale
The meteorite is owned by a seller from West Virginia in the United States. It weighs 1.8kg and has a listed price of $US4000 - plus $15 to post it overseas ...

Mysterious orb seen in sky over Ealing
Ealing Gazette
A 'FIREBALL' travelling through the night sky has ignited neighbours' curiosity about the presence of unexplained phenomena in our atmosphere. ...

Great Photos from a Celestial Double-Header
Sky & Telescope
At 2:43 am Eastern time on January 4th, several hours after the meteors peaked, a small fireball that flashed through the camera's field and left a glowing ... (Mike Hankey, Astro Mike)

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