28 January 2011

Houston, Texas Meteor 26JAN2011 28JAN2011

Two different readers have now reported seeing a green meteor fireball near Houston, Texas on 26JAN2011.:

Jan 28 2011, 1:54 PM timestamp
Guest711 (guest):Houston, texas 26jan2011 saw green meteor over north houston split in to two pieces. I live near I10 and I45.

Jan 28 2011, 6:25 AM timestamp
Guest522 (guest): hi...i'm in houston texas,about 10:55pm (26JAN2011) i saw what appeared to be a green meteor. i was around john ronstand @interstate 10

Meteorite sighting 26 Jan 2011
I can confirm the sighting posted 26 Jan 2011. I was crossing the UT campus some time between 10:30-11pm and spotted it East-Northeast of my location.
I remember it being rather large in size and that I could distinctly see that it was starting to break apart into two pieces (even with my poor eyesight). It didn't seem to burn out until it was about 30 degrees from the horizon. It seemed to be traveling almost perpendicular to the horizon (straight down). I was wondering if maybe it was a satellite or large chunk of man-made space junk. From the other readers' comments it seems this thing came down somewhere just North of Huntsville, TX.
-Mark V. Gonzales
Austin, TX

We need a time for this event!
If anyone has information or photos of this event please email me at lunarmeteoritehunter@gmail.com  Thank You!

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