12 January 2011

Breaking Major Meteor Event in Mississippi, USA Detected! 11JAN2011 12JAN2011

Green Meteor Seen (c) NICHD 2006
A large event has occurred in the Jackson, Mississippi area in the US. First to Post thanks to READERS of The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News!!

Katie wrote a new comment on your post "Breaking News UPDATE- 6 NEOs Asteroids, Close Appr... 
hey, I was sure where to post this. I have been searching for if anyone just saw what i saw!!! I am in Bossier City, Louisiana. I was walking my dogs at 9p.m. CST, and thought I was seeing a shooting star, until it got huge, continued to fall, and turned bright green! It fell behind our apartment complex, and I am guessing it hit the ground, because in that direction the sky lit up bright green. It was crazy, I've never seen anything like it, and I wanted to share.

Jan 12 2011, 1:40 PM
Sherry Spruill Young: could the meteor that reportedly hit near the ar ok border tonight have caused a sonic boom? and does anyone know about what time it hit? something rattled windows and shook homes here in southeast ar, and nobody can find a cause.

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