12 January 2011

Jackson, Mississippi MAJOR Bolide Meteor Fireball 11JAN2011 Breaking News

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Major Bolide Meteor Fireball Event Detected!

12JAN2011 around 8:45CST  UTC 02:24

More Details to Follow. 

Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida all have reports

Anyone with detailed info, security camera video, cell phone images or photos please email:
lunarmeteoritehunter@gmail.com  Thank you!

KATV and KTHV out of Little Rock AR are both talking about it

Ball of Fire Turns Out to be Meteor 
by WKRG Staff The mysterious flash of light that many of our viewers reported seeing earlier Tuesday night was caused by a meteor strike in Oklahoma. ...
What was Falling From the Sky Over Arkansas Tuesday Night?
The National Weather Service tells KARK they believe it may have been a meteor shower, although no such event was forecasted, according to earthsky.org. ...

Ball of fire turns out to be meteor near Oklahoma
Today's THV
The Sebastian County Sheriff's Office says it was a meteor and likely hit near Poteau Mountain, Oklahoma. We contacted amateur astronomer Steven Meeks who ...

Mysterious 'flash of light' causes uproar
Jackson Clarion Ledger
Drane said he was told by a weather expert the light might have been a stray meteor from a recent meteor shower. National Weather Service meteorologist Eric ...
Huge Fireball Spotted Over Southeast US
KATC Lafayette News
At roughly 8:50pm local time an apparent meteor was spotted by observers in Acadiana including KATC's Hoyt Harris. Hoyt and Acadiana were not alone in the ...

Meteor seen streaking across southern sky
Several viewers reported seeing a bright flash of light streaking across the sky Tuesday night.
Mysterious 'flash of light' causes uproar

"The majority of those who heard the boom were near the town of Hopewell just southeast of Crystal Springs."

A large event has occurred in the Jackson, Mississippi area in the US.

Katie wrote a new comment on your post "Breaking News UPDATE- 6 NEOs Asteroids, Close Appr... 
hey, I was sure where to post this. I have been searching for if anyone just saw what i saw!!! I am in Bossier City, Louisiana. I was walking my dogs at 9p.m. CST, and thought I was seeing a shooting star, until it got huge, continued to fall, and turned bright green! It fell behind our apartment complex, and I am guessing it hit the ground, because in that direction the sky lit up bright green. It was crazy, I've never seen anything like it, and I wanted to share.

Keah Simon wrote,
My kids and i were driving on the interstate 3-10 approaching Kenner, Louisiana about 8:45 p.m. this evening when i saw huge sea green colored ball with flames tailing. I instantly yelled "Look a shooting star!" Then realized it was a meteor. It came powerfully spiraling downwards towards the marsh below , to the left of us. It was astonishing ! Looking back in my mirror still surprised of what we witnessed, i saw the sky light upon, what must've been  ,the impact into the earth. We couldnt have been more then 2 miles away from it. It was absolutely beautiful.

virgogirl61981 wrote:
I was sitting outside smoking, and saw a blue streak n I look up within a split second I see a blue ball of fire and its gone! Scared me! I ran inside! Never seen anything like it! It was about 8:50 pm in waynesboro,MS on 1-11-11.

Jan 12 2011, 1:40 PM
Sherry Spruill Young: could the meteor that reportedly hit near the ar ok border tonight have caused a sonic boom? and does anyone know about what time it hit? something rattled windows and shook homes here in southeast ar, and nobody can find a cause.

Jan 12 2011, 2:01 PM
Sherry Spruill Young: A local tv station is reporting people as far away as Florida saw the meteor that reportedly hit near Poteau Mountain,OK
Jan 12 2011, 2:02 PM
Sherry Spruill Young: Other people are reporting a meteor hitting around the same time in Covington County Mississippi 

KATV and KTHV out of Little Rock AR are both talking about it

Anonymous wrote:
Saw a huge quick flash of light overhead that lit up St. Dominic's Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi about 8:45 pm tonight, 1-11-11. Until now, I thought it was just a huge flash of light from the rooftop of the building or some type of flash from the nearby interstate. It was a quick flash of bright white light on the ground and on the building. Guess it was a meteor. 


Anonymous said...

Saw a huge quick flash of light overhead that lit up St. Dominic's Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi about 8:45 pm tonight, 1-11-11. Until now, I thought it was just a huge flash of light from the rooftop of the building or some type of flash from the nearby interstate. It was a quick flash of bright white light on the ground and on the building. Guess it was a meteor.

Anonymous said...

I saw the flash of light from Baptist hospital parking lot- it was so bright!!

Sara Zacarias said...

Well i didn't see it but I heard it. It was around 8:45 pm 1/11/2011 I was in the back of my home with my daughter and I heard this BOOM BOOM BOOM sound. I thought maybe someone was here running down my hallway. But I went and looked and it was no one. I called my Dad, who lives next door, to make sure it wasn't him and it was not him. So the only explanation is it was a meteor. ?

Anonymous said...

i seen it from crowley louisiana...i even went looking for it...lol...thats how close it looked

Unknown said...

I saw it in Lexington, Tennessee. At first I thought it might have been a plane crashing or something. It was just so weird watching something fall from the sky. I was in my car so I didn't hear anything. I just saw a bright green ball with some orange behind it fall. Once it disappeared behind the tree line, the whole sky flashed for a second or so.

Anonymous said...

I also saw the meteor in Mobile, Al around 8:50PM while driving on Hwy 98. I have never experienced such an amazing encounter, It was absolutley brilliant with light and HUGE!

Unknown said...

I live in Hahnville, LA and we heard a huge kaboom... Called EOC to find out if a plant blew up. We were told it was a meteorite. The kaboom was so loud, our windows and house shook..

Connie said...

I saw a green glowing ball of light with a blazing tail falling like a shooting star around 8:45pm on 1/11/11 in the David Dr./W. Napoleon area of Metairie, LA. At first I thought it was a shooting star but now realize it must have been a meteorite!

Anonymous said...

We were flying at 35,000 feet over Louisiana last night and saw this brilliant white light that lit up the entire flight deck. Appeared to have passed almost overhead. We reported it to Air Traffic Control within seconds after the sighting, and they stated that three other aircraft had already reported it as well.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I saw it from Monroe, Louisiana at approx. 8:53p.m. We thought it was close enough that we may find where it came down. We drove for a bit but never saw anything. I saw a orange red ball and he saw bluish-grey with what looked to be smoke trailing.

Unknown said...

I saw it at bestway on Woodrow and Bailey in Jackson,ms. I was in the truck and at first I looked for cop lights bc it was blue. My husband thought it was a firework bc he heard a boom. The timing fits so I guess this is what we saw.

Anonymous said...

I saw the meteor and the flash traveling south on I-45 just outside of Fairfild, TX @ the 9:50 time frame. I was looking towards the east were the majority of people are reporting the sighting. I told my buddy I just saw a meteor. Woke up the next morning and saw the news having breakfast @ CJ's in Jewett. My Buddy looked at me with disbelief! Oh well! Told You so! Funny thing is we are both from Louisiana!

Jude said...

I was driving north on Highway 35 from Kaplan Louisiana. And at about 8:50PM on January 11th. I looked east and I saw a large green fireball swirling. It was not coming straight down. It was twisting and curving up and down like a firework would do going up, but coming down instead. Beams of light were coming from the left and right sides. It was very bright and big. I didn't see it hit the ground, but a lot of my coworkers said they saw the flash of light instead and some even heard the sonic boom. I wasn't sure what I saw because I thought meteors come straight down?

Anonymous said...