01 January 2011

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 1JAN2011

Blinded to Science
Housatonic Times
On Dec.
14, 1807, a meteorite blazed across the pre-dawn sky, appearing to be two-thirds the size of the moon. It was visible to early risers as far away as Vermont ...

Meteors scream over Maryland for past two nights
TBD.com (blog)
The latest apparent meteor sighting occurred around 9:30 pm Wednesday and set Twitter alight with wondrous didja-see-thats??! "Whoa," reported Chris Noonan ...

Solar Eclipse and Meteor Shower to Launch 2011 Skywatching Season
By Joe Rao The year 2011 promises to be a dazzling one for skywatchers, and it hits the ground running with a partial solar eclipse and meteor shower. ...

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