27 January 2011

Hicksville NY 11:00 pm Meteor? or Lightning? 26JAN2011

Jan 26 Meteor? Hicksville, NY - second event in NY area tonight....  bad lightning? or a meteor?
I`m Justin from Hicksville, NY and I saw the sky light up 3 times bright green and a loud bang at around 11pm.
 I have never seen anything like that. It was certainly different. Only the first flash was accompanied by a strange sonic boom like sound though. Not thunder or lighting and no transformers. I've videotaped transformer blows before. Could it be a second piece or part of an earlier meteor? Maybe more than 1?  Do you have any info?

Most likely this event WAS not a meteor. All indications from weather maps and reports indicate lightning from the severe winter storm in the area.

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