19 February 2013

Russia Bolide 11FEB2013 Метеорит на трассе Р-314 'Уфа-Оренбург'

Another EARLIER Russia Bolide Meteor 11FEB2013 Метеорит на трассе Р-314 'Уфа-Оренбург'

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In Bashkiria in the sky photographed bright fireball
В Башкирии в небе засняли яркий болид
Online Video of unusual phenomena in the sky over the highway Ufa and Orenburg, the video shot last night, February 11, near the village Bulgakovo Ufa area.
"This is a car - a bright, luminous body, visible for long distances," - said ProUfu . RU director of Ufa "Planetarium" Anatoly Denisov . Have not been able to determine to what is meteor showers owned car. It is possible that he does not belong to a particular thread, such fireballs called sporadic. ...

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