18 February 2013

Gold Rush begins for Fragments of Russian Meteorite

"Gold Rush" begins for Fragments of Russian Meteorite

The gold rush begins for fragments of Russian meteor
worth more than £10,000 each as astronomers warn
UK had a lucky escape. Mail Online, February 17, 2013,

Bounty sets off hunt for meteorite pieces by Mark
Franchetti,The Sunday Times (UK) February 18, 2013

Collectors Flock to Central Russia to Hunt Meteor
Gold By Timur Moon, February 17, 2013

Russia halts search for meteorite, AFP, Sydney
Morning Herald, Febrauary 18, 2013,

Meteorites: Hunting missiles from outer space
Sunday Morning, CBS News, February 17, 2013

Chelyabinsk decided to keep the money in meteorites
Konstantin Panyushkin, February 17, 2013,

“But there is one place where there was neither MES
nor military. In general, anyone, and it was there,
according to local residents, and all fell. Residents of
a village in the south of Chelyabinsk - the name is not
disclosed specifically - show black stones and believe
that he is the fragments of a meteorite.

"The kids found fresh snow hole and started to get
out of the metal pieces of different shapes," - says
Sergey Turnovsky."

Paul H.

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