28 February 2013

Breaking News - LA MX TX Bolide Fireball Meteor 27FEB2013

LA MX TX  Bolide Fireball Meteor  27FEB2013
LA MX TX Fireball 27FEB2013
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Texas Man Captures Mysterious Light Streaking Across Sky - 2/28/13
Uploaded on Youtube by Sheilaalien 668 views
Comment: There is no way that he could have seen this event for 3-4 minutes!

UPDATE:  This MAY have been the Chinese rocket body CZ-4B according to::
CZ-4B Rocket Body
Object Description
Type: CZ-4B Rocket Body
Int’l Designation: 2012-021C
Launched: 10 MAY 2012 @ 07:06 UTC
Site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center
Mission: Yaogan 14 and Tiantuo 1
Reentry Prediction
Predicted Reentry Time: 27 FEB 2013 @ 10:22 UTC ± 3 hours

VIDEO or PHOTOGRAPHS WANTED with your permission to post; check your security cameras!  Thank you!  IF you have found a piece of this space trash or a meteorite consider contacting me.
email: LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com

If you witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report on this website:

Initial Fireball/Meteor Sighting Reports:

27FEB2013 D. Beebe Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana 03:05 cst 1 Minute plus S to NW facing South Orange ~ Venus Fragmented into ~15 pieces Glowed orange/white leaving a very long tail of sparks directly behind it. Broke into about 15 pieces then pieces slowly faded away.

27FEB2013 Bart 27 03,0N 092 03,2W 0330 central usa 30sec 330 meteorites yellow to amber yes nil

27FEB2013 Seadog71 Gulf of Mexico 330 20 S-N White and Orange/No Sound Venus Yes, a few large ones, many small Was heading towards LA coast. Quite large, fragmenting. Took video, a bit grainy at night.

27FEB2013 Dan Richard Lafayette,LA USA 03:10 central lasted over 20 seconds.then disappeeared behind clouds as it broke up. southeast/nwest behind clouds.se-nw white with ting of red an blue as it broke up moon yes Looked similar to shuttle columbia broke apart. Not as bright

27FEB2013 Byron Byrd North Central Gulf of Mexico 0330 CST over 30 seconds 3/4 of visible from horizon to horizon S-N Bright white with orange sparks bright star with trails 6 - 8 smaller fragments following one larger piece Very bright seemingly slow moving. No noise heard .

27FEB2013 joel ciochetto galveston texas 307am 30 south to north large ball white tail was long like sparks no smoke or noise sun yes no

27FEB2013 anthony smith houston,texas 03:15 CDT estimate 15 sec i was going south,lights in sky going west to east vanished in clouds 6-8 bright lights with tails venus look like fragmentation none

27FEB2013 Max Watts Dickinson 3:25am central standard About 1:30 from the time I noticed it United States Very Bright Red Tails Though It Was A Comet At 1st Glance Brighter than the full moon Very Very Large Piece With A Number of Fragments Was heading North East I Fully Expected To Hear Several Impacts But Heard None. My 1st thought was Russia and that now it's happening here!

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