05 February 2013

New Mexico Daytime Fireball Meteor 04FEB2013

Just witnessed brilliant daytime meteor 18:36 Feb 4, 2013 UT

Anyone interested in looking for meteorites,
I just witnessed a spectacular daytime meteor. I am not sure who to
report this to, if anyone knows who best to get this please forward it:

At 18h36m Feb 4 2013 UT I was driving on due north when right out the
front of my window a spectacular greenish to whitish fireball was
traveling from about 40 degrees elevation heading straight north and
broke into many pieces about 10 degrees above the northern horizon from
my location at N 35.659231 W106.00305 and 6800 foot elevation. The
meteor was very bright against a deep blue daytime sky. Brighter than a
full moon, just under the brightness of the sun and leaving a visible
ionized trail behind it. When it broke into pieces even the pieces were
easily visible against the daytime sky! This will have produced quite a
debris field to the north of Santa Fe, NM.
Scotty D.
Santa Fe, NM USA


I was not visually recording at the time but I posted my radio graphs for the broader time period here:

Thomas Ashcraft | Radio Fireball Observatory | New Mexico

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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