13 February 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 13FEB2013

Meteor to pass 17,000 miles above Earth - Video on NBCNews.com
Video on NBCNews.com: On Friday, an asteroid called 2012 DA14 will pass very close to the Earth, speeding by faster than a bullet. NBC's Brian Williams ...

Fallen meteorite draws thousands 
Tue, 12 Feb, 2013 12:17 PM PST
A stone particle resembling a meteorite which had fallen into a quarry at Aladeniya, Kandy, near the seventh mile-post last morning drew a curious crowd. (Sri Lanka - Photo DOES NOT appear to be that of a meteorite)

List of meteor air bursts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the twentieth century, several explosions have been recorded in Earth's atmosphere that are likely caused by the air burst that results from a large meteor ...

CNN anchor suggests meteor hurtling toward Earth could be a result ...
Daily Mail-3 hours ago
A CNN anchor has asked on live television whether a meteor hurtling past ... The word meteorology and the word meteor come from the same root, so, uhh.

Šta bi se desilo da meteor pogodi Zemlju?
B92-3 hours ago
Asteroid veličine terena za fudbal prozujaće pored Zemlje 15. februara na prilično nezgodnoj udaljenost. On neće udariti planetu, ali da je to slučaj, takav sudar ...

Asteroid to Miss Earth by 15 Minutes on Feb. 15
Patch.com-23 minutes ago
"If such a meteor were to hit Atlanta or New York City or Boston, that would be it for those municipalities," Nye said. As much as 1,200 square miles would be ...

Asteroid to buzz Earth on Friday
TG Daily-4 hours ago
"If this object were made of iron and it were to hit our planet, it could create a crater comparable to the 1.5 km Meteor Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona, for example.

Cavuto: Earth readies for close call with asteroid
Fox News-19 hours ago
Siberia in -- don't wait that one flatten an area over 830 square miles had the same meteor hit London. -- -- it had no London. We were lucky then we should be ...

Astronomer: Lights in sky likely lanterns
UPI.com-22 hours ago
If it was something like a fireball or meteor it would not change direction.," Bretherton said. ''It was just so weird," Turner said. "They were traveling at the same ...

Nem csapódhat be a Földbe
Népszabadság-6 hours ago
Az aszteroidáról szóló beszámolókban visszatérő elem az 1908-as Tunguz „meteor” esete, amiről annyit tudunk, hogy a légkörbe csapódó test – ami lehetett ...

Field Museum Studying Martian Meteorite
CBS2 Chicago-4 hours ago
Meteorite curator Philipp Heck said the museum has received more than half pound of Martian rock, soil and atmosphere from a meteoroite which fell over the ...

What Killed Dinosaurs: New Ideas About the Wipeout
National Geographic-3 hours ago
Using a high-precision dating techniquen tektites—pebble-sized rocks formed duringmeteorite impacts—from Haiti that were created during the event, the ...

What If Friday's Flyby Asteroid Hit Earth?
LiveScience.com-6 hours ago
Led by Leonid Kulik, the curator for the meteorite collection at the St. Petersburg Museum, the scientists found that at the center of the impact zone, trees ...

பூமியை நெருங்கி வரும் விண்கல்
தின பூமி-4 hours ago
லண்டன், பிப்.13 - வரும் வெள்ளிக்கிழமை ஒரு விண்கல் பூமியை மிக நெருக்கமாகக் கடந்து ...

Les dinosaures ont bien été éradiqués par la chute d'une météorite
Le Point-1 hour ago
Une nouvelle étude américaine confirme la chute dévastatrice d'un astéroïde ou d'une comète au Mexique, il y a 66 millions d'années. © The Art Archive ...

Asteroid nähert sich rasend schnell
Augsburger Allgemeine-8 hours ago
Aber was sind Asterioden, Meteorite und Kometen eigentlich genau? Asteroiden sind Klein- und Kleinstplaneten, die sich in einer Umlaufbahn um unsere ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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