16 February 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16FEB2013 PT.1

نيزك يضرب روسيا يسبب عشرات القتلى 2013‎ - YouTube
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سقوط نيزك فضائي على روسيا [15/2/2013] • News Videos ...
سقوط نيزك فضائي على روسيا [15/2/2013] • News Videos • Smashpipe 管大ヒット.

Central Russia meteor captured on camera ...
world news - A flash of bright light, the sound of explosions – what witnesses report and cameras ...

Fragments of giant meteor injure 500 in Russia - CBS ...
CBS News video: Fragments of giant meteor injure 500 in Russia - Fragments from a giant ...

сбитый метеорит над Челябинском 2.mp4
сбитый метеорит над Челябинском 2.mp4. Никита Кырчиков·5 videos. Subscribe

Метеорит над Костанаем летит в Челябинск
Метеорит над Костанаем летит в Челябинск. NashaGazetaKST·201 videos. Subscribe

Челябинск. Метеорит. Russia. Asteroid. Meteorite
Челябинск. Метеорит. Russia. Asteroid. Meteorite. Иван Фурсов·1 video. Subscribe

Челябинск 15 02 13 На Урал упал метеорит 2012
Transcript Statistics Report. Published on Feb 14, 2013. НА ЧЕЛЯБИНСК УПАЛ МЕТЕОРИТ.

Метеорит упал в Сибири и на Урале
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Метеорит на Урале 15.02.2013
Download it from Adobe. Метеорит на Урале 15.02.2013. Евгений Суслов·237 videos.

Метеорит в Каменске-Уральском
Download it from Adobe. Метеорит в Каменске-Уральском. LANCER96RUS·13 videos.

Челябинский метеорит в HD / Chelyabinsk meteorite HD
You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. Челябинский метеоритв HD / Chelyabinsk meteorite HD. Guah0s·20

Метеорит в Челябинске 9 утра 15.02.2013
Метеорит в Челябинске 9 утра 15.02.2013. AutoCrash Compilation·36 videos. Subscribe S

Челябинск метеорит взрыв! #9
Челябинск метеорит взрыв! #9. Marsel Nizamov·60 videos. Subscribe Subscribed

Метеорит, метеоритный дождь, Челябинск, 15.02.2013
Метеорит, метеоритный дождь, Челябинск, 15.02.2013. TheParovoziG·5 videos.

метеорит Челябинская область / meteorite Chelyabinsk region
метеорит Челябинская область / meteorite Chelyabinsk region. Thepapercrafting·14 videos.

Метеорит пролетел над Нижним Тагилом
Download it from Adobe. Метеорит пролетел над Нижним Тагилом. SetiTagila·47 videos.

Метеорит в Альметьевске 11 02 13
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Обзор метеорит в Челябинске HD720/ Russian Meteor in Chelyabinsk
Download it from Adobe. Обзор метеорит в Челябинске HD720/ Russian Meteor in Chelyabinsk. TheSleepChannel·21

Метеорит упал в Челябинске
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Взорвавшийся метеорит в небе над Челябинском
Взорвавшийся метеорит в небе над Челябинском. Jk ENkill·12 videos. Subscribe

Челябинск 15.02.13 На Урал упал метеорит (5)
Download it from Adobe. Челябинск 15.02.13 На Урал упал метеорит (5). Maverick Just·25 videos.

Метеорит в Челябинске 15.02.2013 / Chelyabinsk meteorite crash site 15.02.2013
Download it from Adobe. Метеорит в Челябинске 15.02.2013 / Chelyabinsk meteorite crash site 15.02.2013..

место падения метеорита под челябинском-оригинал
Meteorit tuš Hits Rusija Meteorito ducha Hits Rusia ดาวตกอ่างอาบน้ำฮิตรัสเซีย. Göktaşı duş sayısı Rusya Метеорит над Костанаем летит в Челябинск Место падения метеорита под Челябинском. 15 февраля. Super Meteor Strikes Over Russia | Video | 15/02/2013 ...

Russian Fireball Won't Be Last Surprise Asteroid Attack
The world will have to live with surprise asteroid attacks on the scale of Friday's Russian fireball, at least for a while. The meteor that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk without warning Friday (Feb. 15), damaging hundreds of buildings ...

Russian Fireball Highlights Asteroid Threat, Lawmaker Says
vice chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, responded to the Russianfireball by saying the event should serve as a wakeup call. “We have been looking forward to the close pass of asteroid 2012 DA14, which will pass between ...

Dashboard cam records mysterious fireball
This driver's dashboard camera was able to record a fireball streak along the sky Friday. The video was taken as the vehicle was driving south along Interstate 280. It's not clear what the phenomenon might have been. Some have speculated that it was a ...

Russian meteorite: scientists search for cosmic ...
Scientists search Chelyabinsk for leftover debris on Saturday, a day after hundreds were hurt by ...

Russian Meteor - Météorite Russe - Oural - 15 february 2013
... video to your playlist. Sign in. Statistics Report. Published on Feb 15, 2013. Mix video of a huge meteor falling in Russia on the 15th of february 2013. Vidéo de la chute d'une météorite tombant au-dessus de l'Oural en Russie, le 15 février 2013 ...

Russian Meteor Explosion Outshone Sun
The fireball that exploded over Russia Friday morning (Feb. 15) provided onlookers with an incredible spectacle, even outshining the sun for a brief period, scientists say. The meteor exploded just above the city of Chelyabinsk just before 9:30 a.m ...

'Russian Meteor Explosion' special to air on Science Channel
Los Angeles Times
It's not every day that a nearly 11-ton meteor explodes in spectacular fashion over the Earth less than 24 hours before a 130-ton asteroid passes closer than communications satellites. The men and women of the Science Channel live for days like this ...

Russian meteor blast had force of 300-kiloton nuclear warhead
Christian Science Monitor
The meteor that exploded over the Ural Mountains in Russia Friday now appears to have been a small asteroid clearly unrelated to 2012 DA14, which flitted past Earth Friday afternoon. Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures: Meteors. Related stories ...

Huge Russian Meteor Blast is Biggest Since 1908 (Infographic)
A rock from space about 50 feet across (15 meters) and traveling about 44 times the speed of sound entered Earth's atmosphere early today (Feb. 15, 2013). The meteor disintegrated at an altitude of 13 to 31 miles (13 to 50 km), creating a massive shock ...

Meteor Causes Panic in Russia's Urals Region
Voice of America
The planetary science director at the U.S. space agency, NASA, says the huge meteor that streaked across the sky and exploded above Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday was an "exception." Jim Green says "fireballs" of this kind happen on a daily basis ...

Russia meteor prompts US lawmakers to call for protective steps
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON -- As if Congress doesn't have enough problems on Earth, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) said Friday's meteor in Russia and asteroid flyby should serve as a wake-up call for lawmakers to consider planetary protection from ...

Bay Area sees meteor flash overhead
Gerald McKeegan, an astronomer with the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, was at the center tonight for its weekend stargazing sessions with free access to the center's large telescopes, but he said they did not spot the meteor there.

RPI dean: Meteor offers lessons
Albany Times Union
If the meteor had exploded closer to the Earth or hit the planet directly, the devastation would have been far more widespread, she said. The impact damage generally extends out 10 times the size of the meteorite, she said. (Meteorite is the name given ...

Professor talks meteor impact
MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) - Imagine going about your daily business then seeing a blinding flash and glass fragments flying towards you. That's what thousands of people in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, experienced Friday, Feb. 15, when a meteor entered ...

Asteroid Buzzes, Misses Earth _ Unlike Meteor
ABC News
In a chilling coincidence, a meteor exploded above Russia just hours before the asteroid zoomed past the planet. Scientists the world over, along with NASA, insisted the meteor had nothing to do with the asteroid since they appeared to be traveling in...

Meteor Explosion of Atomic Bomb Strength Injures 1000 in Russia
PBS NewsHour
Paul Davies of Independent Television News reports that 10-ton meteor that fell over Russia with atomic bomb power. The meteor caused a fireball, blowing out windows and injuring 1,000 people.

Russia meteor blast was nuclear-like in its intensity - Cosmic Log
A meteor 15 meters across flared through the skies over Russia's Chelyabinsk region early Friday, triggering an atomic bomb-sized shock wave that injured ...

Fiery Meteor Explodes over Russia, 1,100 Injured - weather.com
A huge meteor fell from the sky on Wednesday, injuring hundreds. Images and video were captured on cell phones across a huge area.

Russian Meteor Largest In a Century - Slashdot
gbrumfiel writes "A meteor that exploded over Russia's Chelyabinsk region this morning was the largest recorded object to strike the earth in more than a century ...

Airburst Explained: NASA Addresses the Russian Meteor Explosion
A small asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere early Friday, February 15, 2013 over Chelyabinsk ...

WATCH: Falling meteor prompts panic in central Russia - NY Daily ...
A meteor streaked across the sky above Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday morning, causing sharp explosions and reportedly injuring around 400 people, ...

Fiery meteor explodes over Russia; 1,100 injured - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: MOSCOW (AP) — With a blinding flash and a booming shock wave, a meteorblazed across the sky over Russia's Ural Mountains region ...

Here's the Russian Meteor Entering Earth from Space
The European Meteosat-10 satellite captured the precise moment as the meteor entered Russian airspace over Chelyabinsk at 33000mph. Here you can clearly ...

Fireball Lights Up Northern California Skies: Reports
According to media reports, a fireball streaked through the skies above California's Bay Area Friday evening (Feb. 15), just hours after another bright meteor exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk and a 150-foot-wide (45 meters) asteroid gave ...

Russian meteorite blast explained: Fireball explosion equal to 20 Hiroshimas
Bolides, or bright fireballs, are large meteors that explode in the lower atmosphere, and unlike meteorite showers they can be dangerous, scientists explained. The Chelyabinsk fireball entered the atmosphere moving at a speed of about 20 km/s. The...

метеорит упал в Челябинске
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Meteor injures at least 1200 in Russia
Washington Post
MOSCOW — A meteor streaked across the sky and broke up Friday morning over the Ural Mountain city of Chelyabinsk, unleashing a tremendous shock wave that smashed windows, collapsed roofs and injured at least 1,200 people. The intense flash of light ...

Reaction: Meteor leaves Northern California starstruck
San Jose Mercury News
Reports of a huge shooting star overheard sent many readers to social media Friday evening, closing out a week graced by heavenly wonders like an asteroid passing close by earlier in the day and an unrelated meteor that fell to earth in Russia late ...

Meteor streaks across Bay Area skies
San Jose Mercury News
It may not have been as spectacular as the space snowball that streaked across the skies above Russia late Thursday, but the Bay Area's close encounter with a meteor Friday night was drawing its own attention on social networks. Comments on Twitter ...

2/15: Meteor explodes over Russia; moving on after tragedy
CBS News
The meteor that exploded over Russia caused a lot of damage over a wide area. Anthony Mason speaks with the chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for more insight into the rare occurrence; And, Steve Hartman sits with Bill Sherlach ...

Meteor falls in Russia's Chelyabinsk region
Washington Post
A meteor that scientists estimate weighed 10 tons streaked at supersonic speed and exploded over Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday, setting off blasts that shattered glass and brought down walls, injuring hundreds of people and frightening countless more.

Russia Meteor Not Linked to Asteroid Flyby
Map showing the meteorite impact area A meteor seen flying over Russia on Feb. 15 at 3:20: 26 UTC impacted Chelyabinsk. Preliminary information is that this object was unrelated to asteroid 2012 DA14, which made a safe pass by Earth today. Image credit...

Russian parliament member says meteor was actually a US weapons test
Washington Post (blog)
No sooner do we write about the conspiracy theories flourishing on Russian social media about themeteor, which sailed over central Russia on Friday, than an actual member of the Russian government weighs in with his own. Or so the Moscow-sponsored ...

Russian meteor blast injures at least 1000 people, authorities say
Did you see the meteor? Share your images with CNN iReport. Moscow (CNN) -- A meteorstreaked through the skies above Russia's Urals region Friday morning before exploding with a flash and boom that shattered glass in buildings and left about 1,000 ...

tweets we wish we'd thought of
(CNN) -- By now you've heard the news about the meteor that caused an enormous explosion in Russia. Officials say up to 1,000 people were hurt. Most suffered minor injuries. Once it was clear Russia was not under attack, the Internet relaxed and slyly ...

Falling Meteor Explodes Over Russia
Wall Street Journal
A meteor plunged toward earth over Russia's Ural Mountains Friday, exploding into flames in a powerful blast that damaged buildings in nearby areas, injuring around 1,000 people. Amateur videos broadcast on state television showed an object streaking...

Meteor strikes terror in Russia
New York Daily News
It looked to many Russians like the end of the world. A meteor the size of a truck exploded Friday over the Ural Mountains with a blinding flash that shattered windows for miles and injured more than 1,000 people, including hundreds of children.

Details on the meteor in Russia's Ural Mountain region
Washington Post (blog)
Meteor showers occur when the Earth passes through loose fields of debris from comets and thousands of fragments — from paint-chip sized flecks up to boulder-sized pieces or bigger — penetrate the atmosphere, setting off sometimes spectacular sky ...

Meteor Strikes Russia, Over 1000 Believed Injured
ABC News
Transcript for Meteor Strikes Russia, Over 1,000 Believed Injured. Let's get right to it. Eyes of the world today stunned by this image. Debris from a meteor racing toward earth, streaking across the sky. Crashing into the ground in the woods. The ...

Meteor vs. asteroid? Terms get tangled when describing space rocks
NBCNews.com (blog)
The term "meteor" refers to the fiery aerial display created by a falling meteoroid or asteroid. Meteors are called fireballs if they shine brighter than the planets in the night sky (magnitude -4), and bolides if the blast is even brighter (around ...

Crazy Russian Meteor Photos & Videos
Daily Beast
A meteor streaked over Russia, showering debris and broken glass and injuring some 735 people, according to the state-run RIA Novosti news agency. Shock waves from a blast also damaged about 270 buildings, mostly breaking windows. Oddly enough ...

A Meteor Streaking Through the Sky From Six Vantage Points
New York Times
A Meteor Streaking Through the Sky From Six Vantage Points. Debris from a meteor streaked through the sky with a blinding flash in western Siberia early Friday. A number of drivers captured the incident on their dashboard cameras, an accessory used by ...

Meteor warning system in the works — but not ready yet
NBCNews.com (blog)
A meteor alert might have made a difference to Russia's Chelyabinsk region on Friday. Read: Nuclear-like in its intensity, Russia meteor blast is largest since 1908. "There are excellent ongoing surveys for asteroids that are capable of seeing such a ...

As asteroid zips past Earth, exploding meteor hints at what could have been
Christian Science Monitor
As scientists prepared to watch a massive asteroid zip past Earth Friday, a 10-tonmeteor lit up the sky over the Russian region of Chelyabinsk before exploding into fragments high above the ground. And just like that, a day of one flying space rock ...

Live Blog: Meteor Falls in Russia; Asteroid 2012 DA14 Passes
ABC News (blog)
5:02 p.m. ET: New information from Chelyabinsk, Russia, where the meteor that exploded in the sky today is estimated to have been about 50 feet wide and weighed 7,700 tons, entering the atmosphere at about 40,000 mph. “People started to panic.

Why Didn't We Know the Russian Meteor Was Coming?
Slate Magazine
A similar diagram showing objects the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor would be even scarier though. There are many, many more small near-Earth objects than large ones. NEO is another acronym devised to get around the fact that none of the plain English...

Highly Anticipated Asteroid Upstaged, By A Meteor
The much-anticipated close flyby of a large asteroid was upstaged Friday when a meteorunexpectedly streaked across the sky over Russia. The ensuing explosion sent window shards flying and injured hundreds of people. ...

Meteor Strikes Russia While Asteroid Misses Earth
In this frame grab made from a video done with a dashboard camera, on a highway from Kostanai, Kazakhstan, to Chelyabinsk region, Russia, provided by Nasha Gazeta newspaper, on Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 a meteorite contrail is seen. A meteor streaked...

Meteor Blast Injury Toll in Russia Tops 1200
ABC News
More than 1,200 people were injured when a massive meteor broke apart above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk today, raining burning bits of rock over the city that shattered windows and caused a panic. The injured includes at least 204 children.

Viral boom: Russian meteor memes explode on the Internet
Los Angeles Times
It took a rock from space to derail the viral supremacy of the "Harlem Shake," but that's exactly what Friday's Russian meteor has accomplished. According to Visible Measures, a video analytics and advertising firm, videos of the Russian meteor amassed ...

Russian meteor blast recalls massive 1908 'Tunguska event'
Fox News
The site of Friday's spectacular, 10-ton meteor blast is roughly 3,000 miles west of Tunguska -- the site of the largest-ever recorded explosion of a space object plunging to Earth. That 1908 blast, which was later attributed to a comet or asteroid ...

This was posted on March 29 due to the volume of news related to the Russian event at that time.

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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