14 February 2013

Belgium / The Netherlands / Germany Bolide Fireball Meteor 13FEB2013

Belgium / The Netherlands / Germany LONG DURATION Bolide Fireball Meteor 22:20 CET 13FEB2013

Fireball over NW Europe of the evening of 13 February 2013: Re-entry of a Soyuz r/b
Thank you Marco!

Re-entry Soyuz Rakettrap 13 februari 2013!
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13FEB2013 Veldhoven, Netherlands 22:14pm GMT+1 60sec NW to SE Blue,White,Orange Moon  Nope
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Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands Bolide 13FEB2013
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If you witnessed this event please file a meteor sighting report; thank you!

Please also get the word out about this event reported on this site to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your local media (TV/Newspapers) and your favorite forums.  Certainly this event was capture on video --- check security cameras and all sky cameras.  IF you have a video please email me @ drtanuki@gmail.com

Initial Sighting Reports:

13FEB2013 O'Neill Keegan Florennes, Namur, Belgium 22.20 pm GTM+1 15 (very very long) NW left to right (downfall more than anything) yellow/orange/red very bright friction point yes 2 different fragmentations that shined bright almost vertical drop +-75°, really impressive because of how long it took to get down, confused it for a plane at first

13FEB2013 Melissa Riethoven, The Netherlands 22:30 CET 20 NW to SE Red with white long tale, no sound Fireball yes Went outside the house, to walk with the dog. When we saw immediatly something bright and big in the sky. It was amazing!

13FEB2013 Joe Lee Friedrichsthal, Saarland, Germany 22:15 CET (21:15 UTC) 5-10 seconds NW -> SE first there was a short bright light that reminded me of lightning, than I saw it pass with an orange/yellow glow, thought at first I was seeing a burning plane exept for the speed the center was as bright as the center of the sun... but smaller in size I saw no parts falling of... just a fireball passing by I was sitting in my living room, the lightning like light got my attention and then I saw it passing by. As it was heading towards Ramstein AFB I thought ther might be a fighter burning but that would have been smaller in size. I am still not sure what I actually saw but I thought maybe others seen it as well and wanted to report it.

13FEB2013 Hylkema Meppel, The Netherlands 22:30 CET 15 seconds Facing Z-W direction, direction: west to south Fast moving white/red/orange light (fireball) with long tail as bright as the moon, but obviousy much smaller no N/A

13FEB2013 Montie Davis Siegen, Germany 22:40 GMT+1 15-20 seconds SW to SE Orange flames Candle flame brightness White explosive fragmentation Traversed complete field of view

All Sighting Reports can be viewed here:

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