10 February 2013

Colorado / Wyoming Meteor 09FEB2013

Colorado / Wyoming Meteor ~1:55 am MST 09FEB2013

If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you.

09FEB2013 Jeremy Greeley, CO, USA 2:30 MST 5 sec United States emerald green between moon and Sun a little bit emerald green meteor/ fireball that seemed to go beneath the clouds and lit up the sky

09FEB2013 Brian & Michelle FALCON, COLORADO,  USA 0155 MST 3-5 seconds W-E facing North bright green with bright green tail not as bright as the sun, but brighter than the moon not that we could see It was huge and it looked like it hit the ground because as it disappeared from our site there seemed to be an explosion of light..It did not shoot across the sky but appeared have fallen down out of the sky

09FEB2013 Daniel San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA 155 2-3 seconds before it fell behind mountains traveled NNW as I was driving due north. bright Not as bright as moon. After the meteorite fell out of sight behind mouontains, there was a flash that illuminated the mountains from behind. The flash behind the mountains was very surprising.

09FEB2013 Shawn Wright, Wyoming,united states 0154 mountain 3 sec E-W facing south It was overcast out and I seen a big blue greenish flash in the sky Blue greenish No It was very cloudy out and it was bright enough to light up the whole sky and you could see it move from east to west! Very bright at first then faded away

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Dawn said...

I repoted what I saw about this Meteor that happened on 09FEB2013 at 0155 but I did it wrong or they didn't believe me :-( Whatever the reason, it was one of the most amazing things I have witnessed and I know that I got to see it :0)

Unknown said...

I also witnessed this event at 12:55 am eastern time 09FEB2013 east of Kitchener, Ontario. Canada. I was traveling northbound and the object fell almost straight down in a slight north north west direction. It burned out just above the tree line in a bright flash.

Rob Brown
Broadcast Engineer
Guelph, Ontario.

Elric said...

I saw it at about 2:00 am from near Boulder Colorado. Looking to the NW I saw what looked like two bright lightish things next to each other crash with an extremely bright flash radius. Also, exactly 100 years ago on the same day there were similar sightings in the same part of the world.