21 February 2013

Riga, Latvia Meteor 21FEB2013

Riga, Latvia Meteor 21FEB2013

В Рижский залив в Латвии, возможно, упал метеорит
(Google Translation):
RIGA, February 21. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Maria Ivanova /. In the Gulf of Riga in Latvia, may have fallen meteorite. Today in an interview with local radio station "Baltcom" representative of the Latvian center Andris Bieznis meteorites, this happened on Wednesday at midnight.
According to him, the witnesses saw the fall of the meteorite, which was accompanied by a blue light and noise. After the fall of it collapsed and burned. "According to our information, the meteorite could fall into the Gulf of Riga. We have three witnesses who saw the fall. Hard to say what it was quantity of information collected. But he was bright enough, and perhaps more. Other details yet," - Bieznis said.

Meteorite fall could be observed in these regions of Latvia as Vidzeme in the central part of the country and Zemgale the south.

According Bieznisa, meteorite also observed in Finland - his surveillance camera recorded the university observatory. .... (more)

[link to www.itar-tass.com]

There is also a video on YouTube which I have not yet had time to post.
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