28 February 2013

NC VA SC Fireball Meteor 27FEB2013

NC VA SC Fireball Meteor ~20:15 EST 27FEB2013
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NC VA SC Fireball Meteor ~20:15 EST 27FEB2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports:

27FEB2013 Lucas Wilmington nc usa 20:30:00 4- 5 sec s to north light green yellow brighter than venus no the tail was quite long

27FEB2013 Nick Charlotte nc 20:12:00 2-3 sec. Straight up to horizon. Nw to se Blue Car light No No tail, 1/4 size of moon

27FEB2013 JAYNE KNIGHT Benson, NC  USA 20:00:00 approx. 7 seconds W to E left to right i was facing north red fire ball w/reddish-orange tail very bright-like sun none-looked as though whole thing burnt out at one time do not know what it was that I saw-never have I seen anything like this before and it looked as if it was directly in front of me and not very high up at all.  please let me know from my description what it was i saw.

27FEB2013 brenda Fredericksburg VA USA 0815 appx Observed on the 30 min drive to work SE Sun was white but clouds below were brighter than the sun.  I couldn't help but thinking it peculiar. It appeared as if the sun was the moon and something hidden in the cloudiness was much brighter. na na

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Unknown said...

I work at the Faurecia plant in Spartanburg SC pretty far north close to some of the sighting areas...I saw something tonight about 4 am matching the description except I saw an impact & white flash no more than 10mi from me. I find this extremely peculiar as its been a number of sightings over the last 2-3 days in this area most if not all moving from N to S mine was the same making impact at about 310 deg SW of my plant. If you want specifics u can look up the Faurecia plant address we are a BMW supplier and pretty well known in the area. Reply if you'd like detailed specifics on impact location.

-Zach G.