16 February 2013

Russia Asteroid Strike 15FEB2013 - commentary, etc.

Russia Asteroid Strike 15FEB2013 - commentary, etc.

Dear Readers,
I have been scrambling for the past 12 hours plus.

A live interview with me on RT (Russia Today) was a giant surprise!

Site stats: Pageviews today 70,000+ and the 24-hour day is 12 hrs into the day.

This event will certainly alter perception about the potential and reality of potential danger from space, especially given the current world political climate, world population and world economy.

After today things will NOT be the same. Perhaps NASA, ESA, and JAXA will be forced to address expanded funding for even better advance warning systems.

When the NEXT bigger one comes (still in many of our lifetimes) all "hell" may break loose with population panic. This event can serve as a wake-up call.

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I will continue to update this story with a video library and data as it comes in and is vetted.

Thank you for your contributions by visiting; my site is still a "one-man-band" and 15-20 hours of worldwide monitoring is taxing on health, family, and other aspects of my personal time; but This is what I choose to do.

Thank you all for helping to make my dream come true of a worldwide meteor/meteorite monitoring site outside of govt funding and control for all of mankind.

Thank you all! Sincerely and humbly, Dirk Ross...Tokyo

It is ironic that as we learn more about meteorites and asteroids by the common hunter/collector and scientists by cooperating with science and meteorite science that we may be too late and I wonder IF the dinos "knew" that they realized that they too were too late to change behavior and "culture" ??? (joke - dark humor)

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I don`t like to ask for donations, but IF you feel lead let me know; thanks! None-the-less I will continue to serve the meteorite community and science.

I would like to thank Art Jones for the vision of creating the met-list! Thank you Art!

Another great thank you goes to All that have made meteor sighting reports to this website; without you, the general public, many events would go un-reported!

My thoughts and prayer go out to the hundreds of injured persons involved with this event.
2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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Kniall said...

Please do post a link to your RT interview; i'd luv to hear what you say!