26 February 2013

Canada Meteor Events 25FEB2013

Canada Meteor Events 25FEB2013

If you witness a meteor please file a meteor sighting report on this website; thank you!

Initial Sighting Reports
--------- NS

25FEB201 Kristine Waverley, Nova scotia 21:45:00 5 Seconds Right to Left Facing North Blue Sun no It was very low in the sky

25FEB2013 Nadia Porters Lake, Nova scotia 10:00 pm Atlantic Std. Time ~ 3 seconds South to North No sound. Yellow fire ball, bright yellow with green flame tail. Sun/moon, mix yes, burned up before my eyes. no photo. fast low, and burned up.

--------- BC

25FEB2013 Christine Kristen VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA 18:25 PST 3 sec or so Big bright streak straight down. Facing West White. Very bright no seemed very big considering how far away it appeared (perhaps over Pacific coast?).  Sky was still light.

25FEB2013 Darragh Courtenay, BC, Canada 18:30 pacific i saw it for 2 sec, but i was driving through town i was facing it and it was heading north at a sharp enough angle downwards Bright White with white tail and trail of smoke into the hills It was bright, cause it was still a clear sky and still daylight there was a long trail of smoke. i tried to track it down, cause it looks like it went to the ground, there was a vretical smoke stream.

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Dianne Katto said...

HI, last night (25th February 2013) i saw a brigth yellow fireball at exactly 7:35pm In Accra, Ghana. it flew at approxemately 20,000ft. i was sure it wasnt a plane but was faster than the ordinary wishing star. for seconds as it kept dissapearing, it seemed to be dropping in flight. dont know where it could have ended up.

Dianne Katto said...

i saw a fireball between 7:34pm and 7:36pm last night flying over Accra Ghana