09 February 2013

Ontario / Michigan Meteor 09FEB2013

Ontario / Michigan Meteor ~1:20 EST 09FEB2013

If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report on this site; thank you.

Initial Sighting Reports:
09FEB2012 Donald Blubaugh Coleman, MI, USA 1:30 a.m. Eastern Time Zone 2-3 seconds N-S Facing North Blue fireball with tail of blue and red Pretty Bright too quick to tell meteor?

09FEB2013 Zoobie Hamilton, Ontario 1:20:00 2sec west/north green/blue Very Bright None Amazing

09FEB2013 David &Joanne Mank Orangeville, Ont, Canada Just south of 1:20:00 2 seconds N-E left to right green-blue-white 1/4 moon Yes Burned out very close to ground-spectacular show

09FEB2012 Yves Grandguillot Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1:20:00 2 S-W, Green Sun Not visible It was a large and very bright green light - quite fascinating to see

09FEB2012 Heather Howell Burlington,Ontario,Canada 1:20:00 2 sec North green & white bright like a flare don't know no comment

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