16 February 2013

California, USA Meteor 15FEB2013

California, USA Meteor ~19:44 PST 15FEB2013
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California Fireball Meteor 15FEB2013
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/> Shooting Star across San Francisco 2/15/2013 7:44PM
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Newspaper Stories:
Fireball reported across California sky, Mike Denison, USA TODAY

Watch: Fireball Streaks Across Bay Area Sky by Lori Preuitt
NBC Bay Area, February 16, 2013

Fireball Streaks Across California Sky, NBC Southern California

On heels of Russia meteor explosion, Calif. residents report
streak of light, Washington Post, February 16, 2013

Paul H., USA

Initial Sighting Reports:

15FEB2013 David Reis Redwood City, CA, USA 19:45 PST 2 sec E-W bright white sun no a very short tail

15FEB2013 christine grau roseville, ca usa 1944 pst 2-3seconds E-W green and orange tail no sound very bright no vibrant huge

15FEB2013 Alex Santa Rosa 7:43 PST 1.5 Sec Southwest White Very Brighter - Brighter than the moon. Some Pulling into my driveway I witness a bright white fireball in the southwestern sky. It had minor breakup and was a quick streak that started small and grew in size before it extinguished.

15FEB2013 Hale Sakrison San Francisco CA. 19:40 PST 3 sec Facing Due west it appeared to be traveling west, but dut to my position it appeared to hang in the sky. Very bright white, started small and intense and rapidly bloomed, it was bright enough to leave afterimages in my eyes. Moon Too far away to tell, looked like it exploded over the ocean. Brightest meteor I have ever seen. Moved very fast even at the shallow angle.

15FEB2013 Bruce Deming San Jose, CA USA 20:05pm PST 5sec E-W white with slight yellow bright. more radiant than moon. Did not light up anything on ground. debris aura It dimmed down then flared up again. No sound. I was in car it came from behind and overhead to about 30 degrees from horizon

15FEB2013 Ivan Eureka, CA 19:43:00 4 - 5 seconds East to West, Southerly direction Very Bright White, long white streak Brighter than the moon Some fragmentation, like a skyrocket It was a truely awesome sighting!

15FEB2013 Eileen Workman The Sea Ranch, California 7:55 PST 4-5 seconds SSW Bright White moon no Very bright, large

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Unknown said...

I saw this meteoor fly above Albany, OR approx 7:45pm on 2/15/2013, it was unlike anything I've ever seen. Heavy fog rolled in ten minutes later.