13 February 2013

Phoenix, Arizona Fireball Meteor 12FEB2013

Fireball. Phx, AZ. 10:06pm 2.12.13

If you witnessed this meteor event please file a meteor sighting report:

Sighting Report:
Just saw a fireball from my porch moving at a 45-55 degree angle from the horizon while I was facing south with Camelback Mountain in my view. The fireball went below the mountains heading North. I didn't see it break up but with light pollution factored in I feel it was probably big enough to have dropped material in another state north of AZ. For reference my house is roughly 60th st and Thomas in Scottsdale, AZ. Time to check sky cams!
-Erik Fisler, AZ,USA

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm in phx az I found a place with meteorites that no one has found. Took my largest find a ten pound iron nickel meteorite and the guy at a fossil museum and the he tryed to get 50% for consignment and I was sad. I been going through a lot to have them documented or at least checked out by some one who wont rip me off or appreciate the find. Any suggestions?

islandwaverider said...

I saw this come in! I live in N. Phoenix. I went out front to have a smoke. I was standing at the back of my truck I turned to go back inside the house when I saw this Hugh ball of light falling to the ground It didn't burn up like a falling Star and was ""WAY BIGGER"" than a meteor! This thing was an Asteroid! It was HUGH! when it hit the ground I saw the sky light up ""TWICE"" like it hit something else! I ran into the house to get my wife and daughter. We jumped into the car to go check it out! I thought it had hit ? 5 to 8 maybe 10 miles away in the Desert ? There is an Apartment complex about 8 miles East of where we live & I thought maybe Cop's, Fire Dept. or others were around the area that had to see it too! When we got to where I thought it may have hit I didn't see anything but fireworks and my wife laughed & thought I was Crazy! So while we were out we went to DQ for ice cream... I knew I saw what I saw! and it wasn't fireworks!!!!!!!! Fireworks explode in the sky Not on the ground and there not that big!!!!