19 March 2011

Waverley, Australia Meteor 19MAR2011

Kia ora, was down in south Taranaki (Waverley) sober driver at a party on the night of saturday 19th. There was a couple of us looking up at a funny looking star that was very bright and flashing multiple colours. We kept an eye on this star (NW of us) for about 4-5 hours during the night before it slowly disappeared in the north. During our sky gazing a couple of us witnessed what we thought was a weird looking shooting star. It was very large, visible for about 2 seconds. it was very large and round, dark with flecks of orange and a orangey tail. Because of the size of it we thought it was within the vacinity of our home town and we paused for a while expecting to hear and feel a very large crash. But nothing came (that we heard).
  a few days prior to this during the week just after 5pm while in Kelston, West auckland saw a round object falling from the sky. looked to be of plane size maybe 50-100 miles north. it was falling straight down thru the clouds. It had to white trails behind it (so maybe it was a plane) but from where we were watching it from it looked round. Watched it fall for nearly a minute thru 3 different levels of cloud, it disappeared into lower cloud which was the lowest part of the skyline we could see.
 i can confirm dates and times once i catch up with workmates as i texted them after both sightings.

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