08 March 2011

3 UK Meteor Events 6MAR2011 7MAR2011

Two Events 7MAR2011
Coventry, UK bright blue/white bolide ~10:15 pm 7Mar2011
Coventry, UK fainter orange blob 10:29 pm 7Mar2011
Hi, I saw a bright blue/white bolide here in Coventry, UK this evening at about 10:15 pm (approx). It was not far above the horizon and the flash probably covered an angular extent of 5 degrees or so. I thought I heard a sound accompanying it, but my friend who also witnessed it did not hear any sound.
At 10:29 pm (more accurate) I saw a much fainter orange blob zoom right across the sky. At first I thought it was a jet, but it took only 2 seconds to cover more than 90 degrees extent and if it had been a plane it was relatively high. A simple computation reveals that it was way too fast to be any known commercial or military jet.
The slightly odd thing is that one object seemed to fall straight to the ground over near the horizon. The other went right across the sky.
Bill. 7-Mar-2011
Thank you Bill!

Birmingham, UK green ball of light  Time??? Monday 7th March
Just seen a green ball of light with a long trail Monday 7th March - could have been a meteorite and looked almost like a firework was but was heading towards the ground - Birmingham, UK- Anon.

Winchester UK green ball  22:08 7 March 2011
7 March 2011
Saw a green ball descend in the Western sky tonight, 7 March 2011, at about 22:08, in Winchester UK, local time. First was sure it was fireworks, that's a strong and bright it was, but no sound. Did anyone else in the UK see it? Regards, RAW
Thank you RAW!
I think the “one event 8 Mar 2011” Winchester UK 22.08 is wrong..I think RAW has the wrong date as its only 6.20 am Wed 8th March UK time as I type this.. ) Thank you!  It is now corrected!

Leamington Spa, UK bright white streak ~10:15pm 7Mar2011
TomG (guest):Leamington Spa, UK bright white streak ~10:15pm 7Mar2011 I saw a bright white streak more or less overhead heading in a westerly direction.It seemed fairly low and I thought I heard a sound too. This would appear to be the same event as Bill in Coventry. Tom - 07Mar2011

Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex green fireball last night 7.3.11 at aprox 10pm
Jason Lyward: i see a green fireball last night 7.3.11 at aprox 10pm heading west i was in winchelsea beach east sussex

Maidenhead (Berkshire) 10:30-10:45 on the 7th March 2011
I saw a bright white star-like object falling what looked to be in a Westerly direction of Maidenhead (Berkshire)at around 10:30-10:45 on the 7th March 2011 also. Looked like it was travelling towards the ground. Flickering very fast.
Cheers, Rob

Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire 10:15pm Monday evening 7th March 
Myself & my mother also saw an extremely bright meteor in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire. It was around 10:15pm Monday evening 7th March whilst driving her home. It was the brightest I/we have ever seen. It lasted for a second or possibly even two & came in at a 90 degree angle with a bright fireball at the front and a long trail. The reason I am on this website is I wanted to see if anybody else saw it, which you guys obviously did. 
Darin R. from Hertfordshire

Richmond, Surrey distant mass with a trail of fire 6pm on Sunday 6MAR2011
My partner says he and a neighbour saw a distant mass with a trail of fire hurtling through the sky over Richmond, Surrey around 6pm on Sunday 6th March


Anonymous said...

I think the “one event 8 Mar 2011” Winchester UK 22.08 is wrong..I think RAW has the wrong date as its only 6.20 am Wed 8th March UK time as I type this..

Anonymous said...

i saw a very bright white ball with a long firey orange tail between 2200 and 2230hrs travel over wiltshire! 7 mar 2011

jason lyward said...

i see the green fireball about 10pm i thought it was a firework at first as well,brightest i have ever seen

Anonymous said...

yh 2 of my friends just as we left work seen a green ball of light at aprox 10.08pm on 7th march, and seen it hit the ground, in wolverhampton!!

Anonymous said...

I also saw the green fireball on the 7th from St Albans in Hertfordshire, just after 10pm, it almost seemed to curve and was a bright ball of green light lasting from 1 to 2 seconds.

Unknown said...

Hi ,
I hope this is in your interest,

On 7th march at 10.08 pm i saw amazing fireball shoot across the sky in FLEET,HAMPSHIRE.UK.
saw this, as there is nothing in the news!
it seemed to get larger as it went across the sky as it disappeared out of sight i expected a glow on impact,but did`nt happen ?
There was no sound and heading north west.
many thanks as i now know i an not mad.

Gordon Greedus

Anonymous said...

Andy Laird. YesI saw this in Hemel Hempstead on the 7th of March whilst walking the dog just after 10pm. I was on the phone and completely gob smacked and have never seen anything like it. Like a firework without the sound, green flash of light that flew past my house, not sure of height but seemed much lower than an aircraft and much much faster. lasted possibly 2 seconds. Pretty amazing how fast this thing must have been traveling and glad lots have seen it. I wonder where it landed???

Anonymous said...

I saw a bright light fall to ground at 22:00 in Mansfield, Nottingham, but there was no sound when it landed. God knows what it was.

Anonymous said...

wheathampstead,nr st albans, herts, tonight 24.4.2011 at around 9-9.30ish, i saw what looked like a large meteor but very low, maybe same as airplanes altitude...but was very orange, was too fast to be a balloon and was already dark anyway...seemed like a meteorite to me but seemed slower than shooting stars, didnt hear any helicopeter sounds and to be honest seemed like was on fire due to the orangeness, was headed easterly. Just wondered what it was as not seen anything like it and i notice the sky a lot but without telescopes. anyone else see it as am curious to know what it was.