24 March 2011

Breaking News - Major TX, OK, AR, MO, KS, CO, NE, NM Green Fireball Meteor ~9:21CDT 23MAR2011

Major TX, OK, MO, KS, CO, NE, AR, NM Green Fireball Meteor  ~9:21CDT 23MAR2011

View of 23MAR2011 Meteor capture from Oklahoma City, OK Sentinel Allsky

Video of 23MAR2011 Meteor capture from Oklahoma City, OK Sentinel Allsky

Capture from Hawley, TX Allsky

Video capture from Hawley, TX Allsky

Edited Video capture from Hawley, TX Allsky

TX, OK Meteor 23MAR2011 Roughly 61 Sighting Locations in 8 US States
Red=M/M News reports; Aqua=ELP reports; Purple=AMS reports
P=Camera Locations (c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth
Lamy, New Mexico Allsky Camera
I'm pretty sure I caught that particular meteor on my secondary video ( not on Sentinel ) but it is at an extreme distance from my station near Lamy, New Mexico. The meteor appears at the 9 0'clock position and it is miniscule but maybe there is some data in the capture in any case.   North is top, east is screen left.

Thomas Ashcraft

Minden, Nebraska Meteor Fireball Bolide 9:24 CDT 23MAR2011
saw a meteorite near minden neb on march 23 at 9:24 pm very low moving west to east turned from white to green as it neared earth

Stillwater, Oklahoma Blue/Green approx. 9:31CDT 23MAR2011
JUST SAW THIS AND IT BLEW MY MIND! It lasted FOREVER, literally traveled from the little dipper to the big dipper. Saw it at approx. 9:31 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Had a red trail that turned blue as the meteor turned green, then the tail vanished and a green object kept flying for a second longer then disappeared! Amazing sight!!!
Dave Atess

Cleveland, Missouri large green ball 9:30 pm
Mar 24 2011, 11:42 AM
Guest879 (guest):Hello, Cleveland Missouri here.9:30 pm, observed a large green ball racing towards the ground for a good 5 seconds or more then almost burst into Orange ambers and fizzled out. Pretty cool

Fort Smith, AR GREEN BALL! 9:30pm 3-23-11
Hi, I live in Fort Smith, AR. I saw a giant green ball fall from the sky around 9:30pm 3-23-11. WHAT WAS IT??- Tarra Ross  - You saw a very large meteor- count yourself very lucky!

NE Kansas Western Sky 9:15pm
Mar 24 2011, 12:13 PM
Guest319 (guest): NE Kansas Western Sky 9:15pm Central time, 2 stage re-entry. Looked like a golf ball 3 ft tail, explosion and 1 ft finale

Waterville, Kansas Fireball 9:15-9:30pm
Mar 24 2011, 12:31 PM
Dino Conti: Waterville, Kansas -Saw a 2 stage fireball that lasted a good 5-10 seconds in the western sky. Anyone else see this? BTW it was about 9:15-9:30pm
I live in Waterville, KS. I was driving south on I-9 and the fireball was SW of me at about a 25-30deg angle from the ground headed W to S. Lasted about 3-5 sec. It was a 2 stage entry about a 4 inch tail followed by an explosion and then a 1 inch tail to the finish. Hope this helps some.

Oklahoma city,ok  green ball 8:30-9:00pm
Mar 24 2011, 1:00 PM
Guest919 (guest): 8:30-9:00pm march 23,2011 oklahoma city,ok by 2-40 & douglas exit green ball fell from the sky when got closer to ground things started falling off the back of it

North Texas green fireball sighting - 3/23/11
8:45pm CDT
The reason I googled tonight is because I saw ANOTHER similar fireball tonight! From the same GPS position, at approximately 8:45pm CDT, I saw a green GREEN fireball display. Duration was 3 seconds (I estimated this time immediately after I saw it.) I first saw it 40 deg alt, 0 deg (due north) az. from me, moving to 15 deg alt, 5 deg az. It brightened throughout the display, starting -4 mag and ending at -7 or -8 mag.
(Tracking info on record)
Regards. -bfrey

Burleson, TX Green Meteor 8:45pm 23MAR2011
Hi. I saw the same "green" meteorite that is mentioned in the post on your website. I also googled, wondering if anyone else had seen it. I saw the same thing the other person said--a white meteorite that turned bright green on the edges. It was extremely bright and seemed to hit just a few miles north of where we were in Burleson, TX, off of Alsbury Blvd & Renfro around 8:45 p.m. It appeared to be going at a 30 to 40 degree angle when it disappeared from view. I also agree that it was about 3 seconds long in its descent. I have no photos or footage. I would love to know more about it if there is a mailing list that is started with updates. Thanks.

Itasca, Texas meteor ~8:45 pm 23MAR2011
March 23, 2011 around 8:45pm. Watched meteor streak towards Ft. Worth and breakup before going out. I was on I-35W traveling north near the 10 mile marker past the I35E/35W split at Hillsboro, Tx. The Meteor traveled from east to west as if it was going to hit Fort Worth. From my perspective as I was heading North, I noticed it as it came into view on the left side of my windshield and it broke apart and went out about a third of the way to center. that would help you plot it on a map if somebody else saw it from another angle. I was probably just north of Itasca, Texas on I-35W heading N-NW
Later added: It was pitch black in the country so I could not get any land marks to go by but the next mile marker I passed was the 11 mile marker and I figure I must have been real close to the 10 when I saw it. That would be 10 miles north of the I35 split. In looking at the larger map I would say that I saw it break apart and fade out in the direction of Weatherford, TX. Again it was traveling from West to east.
I hope this helps. -Mike Sawyer

Tulsa, OK 
saw the same time in tulsa - was approx 30 deg above horizon, initially seen to west, moving south
- john bode  

El Reno, OK
I was standing outside last night around 9:30 and I thought someone was shining a light on me because the sky lit up so bright. I looked up and saw this amazing meteor going across the sky. By the time I realized what it was I could see the tail and then it seemed to break up and you could see all of the pieces shoot off of it. - Jenny

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
I saw something tonight. 3/23/11 around 9pm.CDT I was leaving dfw headed south to i635. There no way I was the only one to see this. It caught my eye it was so bright.

Haslet, TX neon green fireball 8:50 pm 23MAR2011
I live in Haslet, TX and saw my first fireball last night 3/23/11 around 8:50 pm. I was looking nw and it was traveling at a 40 degree angle west to east. Lasted about 5 seconds. It started out when I first saw it as bright white...then I saw an orange fire tail....then it turned a neon green...lost the tail..then back to white before it fizzled out! It was amazing!!! I have never experienced anything like that! So glad to see other postings confirming my sighting! I reported it last night to the American meteor association! What a rush!
Becky (contact info on file)

Chickasha, OK
Guest451 (guest) kallen wrote: On 3/23/11 @ approx 8:30pm, while putting on my walking shoes,from my livingroom window, I saw a green ball shoot through the sky. I told my husband.We walked up the road & around the school (as usual).Coming back down the road at approx 9:30, the road lit up with a bright light. My husband, daughter, & I turned around to see what it was &witnessed a green ball shooting through the sky,-just like the 1 I had seen earlier.Posted it on fb around 10pm. Live 5 miles sw of Chickasha, OK.
I can be reached at kallen@ampo.k12.ok.us. After posting on fb, many people commented saying they had seen the same shooting object in the sky that night. -kallen

Rose Hill, KS
Last night I saw a meteor and somebody pointed me to your site to send in some details. I live in Rose Hill KS (67133) and around 9.20pm I saw a huge meteor coming down getting very low before it was burned up completely. I even saw 3 smaller pieces breaking off. It looked white to but I am colorblind and especially at night I see very little color definition altogether.
I hope this helps. If you have more questions just let me know.[edit].Ruben

Fort Worth, TX
Guest772 (guest) wrote: I saw this same green fireball last night on March 23,2011 Approximately at 8:50pm. I live just nw of Fort Worth TX. It initially was bright white then had a fiery tail, then turned briGht green, then white before it appeared to disintegrate. I was facing nw and it was traveling west to east low in the sky. Lasted about 5 seConds! So glad others saw this confirming my sighting! So exciting!!!

Fort Worth, TX
I live just off I-35 in downtown Fort Worth TX. I went outside and initially thought it was a searchlight on a helicopter it was so bright, living in the city, but then I saw this great green tail on it. It was really low on the horizon and looked like it was traveling east from what I could see. AmyK

Catoosa, Oklahoma
I saw the meteor that flew across the skies last night. At first I thought I was seeing things because I only saw it for a few seconds before I lost it from my view as I went down a hill behind some trees. I was driving West and it seemed to be moving from right to left. I was on a rural country road just East of Tulsa and South of Catoosa, Oklahoma. From my vantage point It looked like a ball of yellow fire with a flaming tail. It was between 9:20 and 9:30 pm CST. I had started to back up and look again, now I wish I had. Did it hit the ground or did it burn up? 
-Roberta W.

Grand Prairie, Texas 8:45pm, 3-23-11
I was on my balcony relaxing and i saw the meteorite from east to west accross the sky.It was a bright orange and it started to break off into little pieces as it descended. It may have lasted 35 to 40 seconds. I was on my 3rd floor deck with a overview of the skyline. -Dwan Gonzales

I saw the greenish fireball at about 9:20 p.m., CDST, on March 23, 2011. It was falling from west to east at a very steep angle, maybe even 60 degrees, with orange fire trailing briefly, then only the large, greenish colored fireball.
Don Bazar

Forth Worth, TX
My Friend and I were traveling on North Main Street in Downtown Forth Worth last night around 9:20. We saw a huge green ball of light falling in a west to east direction. As soon as the green light went out there was a trail of white sparkles after it. It was so bright that even with the light of the city you could still see it. I am glad other people saw this too.
Gina Z

Wichita, KS
I also saw this last night around 9:30 in Wichita KS. I thought it was a falling star at first, but it was too big and then it was bluish green. As it appeared to get bigger the trees and houses took it out of my sight. It was pretty awesome. -Anon.

Dallas, TX
I saw the same meteor March 23rd, in Dallas, Texas around 8:45pm. It appeared from no where. It was a bright yellow-gold with a green tint surrounding,as well as the tail. It lasted about 5-7 seconds, then faded away as if it were breaking up. - John

North of the Dallas, TX area about 10 PM CST
I'm not sure this is this same event, but it occurred at approximately the same time - about 10 PM CST, North of the Dallas, TX area. My daughter and I saw a huge ball of fire flying across the sky from West to East and then appearing to burn out as it got closer to the horizon. After we decided it was a meteor (and not a plane), we thought it was the biggest and most beautiful we had ever seen. We live way out in the country and see a lot of meteors. The sky was very clear that night also. Glad to know others saw it! :-) Dana

Abilene, Texas
My husband and I saw the same meteor (or whatever it was) while we were traveling west of Abilene Texas at about 9:20ish last night, March 23. It was very much as the others have described it, a large fast-moving green-colored object with a tail of fire. It probably lasted 3-5 seconds. Spectacular sight – never seen anything like it. Were there several sightings of this kind during a several hour period? Several people said they saw a similar sight at 2:40 am on March 24.
Carolyn – Tuscola, TX

East on I-20 parallel to the interstate over Midland,TX
My friend David Scott and I were traveling East on I-20. We saw a green ball traveling east parallel to the interstate over Midland (North) of the interstate. We saw this happen twice about 30 min apart. The second time was further east. The time was around 9:00 pm. The green "ball" was low in the sky and burned out as it streaked across the sky. - Norm Cowden

McKinney, TX
This was a first time experience for me and I am still amazed I found this site to confirm what I saw. I was in McKinney, TX heading North towards Prosper, TX. I saw the meteor (it wasn't green in color to me) to my left (west). It was about 9:20ish. I'm still amazed I saw this. Thanks for this website!
-Mae Gonzalez

Carrollton, TX
Guest339 (guest): I just got off work at midnight shift, driving nirth on 35, just coming in to Carrollton, when aimost straigt dow at very high speeds came a meteor, bright white and green.Looks like it hit nw of...? (writer failed to finish writing)

Evergreen, Colorado 7:49pm MST 03/23/2011
*** (maybe be two events at nearly same time in CO, NE, KS and not same as TX, OK, AR, ???) See Ayr, NE
Hi - I saw a meteor yesterday 03/23/2011 at 7:49pm MST from Evergreen, Colorado, looking due southeast. I noted the time on my cell phone. The meteor appeared to be descending toward the northeast at an angle somewhere between 30 to 40 degrees to the horizon. The tail was extremely bright with greenish cast. It looked like a smaller piece broke of just before it disappeared behind the horizon. I am curious if this is the same meteor that hit near Ayr, Nebraska. Best regards, -René

Denver, CO 8-8:30 pm MST 23MAR2011
*** (maybe be two events at nearly same time in CO, NE, KS and not same as TX, OK, AR, ???) see Ayr, NEWeds. night, March 23th, maybe between 8pm and 8:30pm.
My husband and I were driving south on C-470, in the SW part of Denver when we saw the "amazing" green meteor. It flew from West to East, high in the sky to low... and we acutally thought it was so bright it might have landed in Colorado! What a sight!!Ed and Diana

Topeka, KS
I witnessed a fireball at 9:20 pm on March 23 as I was driving South on Kansas highway 4 North of Topeka, KS. The fireball burned for several minutes in the Southern sky. I was crossing the Kansas River and could not pull over to take video.
Kathleen Gregory

Graham, TX Green meteor (?) 23 Mar
I also saw the event reported by "Jack County" at 9 pm on the 23rd
For me, the "green fireball" was low on the western horizon and traveling rapidly northbound before it blinked out. - Jim McIrvin

Abilene, Texas
We live in Abilene, Texas. I didn't see it, but my wife did. She was sitting on the porch and saw this Green Fireball come down from the sky at approx. 8:45pm (March 23, 2011). She said it started about 30 degrees above the horizon looking NNW. It traveled from West to East (Left to Right) in a downward slope and it lasted about 3-4 seconds. She said the head was Green and Blue, but mostly Green. She said the tail was Red and Yellow and looked like fire. She said that as it fizzled out it looked like a piece broke off from it.
I wished that I had seen it too. It sounded like it was a beautiful and amazing firework from God.
I hope this report helps to identify where it actually hit. - David M.
Colby, Kansas
My boyfriend and I apparently saw the same meteor Wednesday evening, about 8:55 P.M. We were heading south in my car, in town (Colby, Kansas........a small Northwest Kansas city) and we both saw the meteor appear in the mid-western sky, traveling down at a slant to the eastern sky until it disappeared below the horizon. It was a large bright green ball with a whitish glow around it, and traveled slower than a shooting star. About 30 minutes later we were outside and I saw another much smaller one, in the same area of the sky, which was not unlike many of the other shooting stars I have seen. I looked on spaceweather.com to see if there were any meteor showers predicted for the evening, but didn't find any. Thanks! - B. Besser

Springtown, TX
My husband and I saw this large green fireball last night from the Springtown, TX area (just NW of Fort Worth). To us, it appeared in the north, about 35 degrees above the horizon, and was traveling West to East. It was a clear white light at first, then flared into a large green fireball throwing off yellow sparks and debris. I immediately got on twitter and saw reports of this from places as far away as Hutchinson Kansas . I also saw a report on facebook from a news agency in Nebraska reporting this meteorite came down near Ayr , Nebraska . Here is a link for you:  http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10150167927941999&id=75714726998

Thank you Claire! and to everyone that has taken their time to report.  Without your reports others would not report or even find information about the meteor.
ELP Reader`s REPORTS- 

Tecumseh, Oklahoma
I live in tecumseh oklahoma. tuesday evening i was feeding my animals around 8:45 p.m. or a little later i seen a green fireball in the s.w. sky moving to the west n.w. a few minutes later my son in law and i saw a large green fireball moving from the n.e. to the west-s.w. and we actually could here this one,sounded like a crackling noise moving at a real fast click. sorry i don't have any picture's but i want to know where it landed.  -bill walker

Topeka, KS to Emporia, KS
We saw the meteor tonight on our drive from Topeka, KS to Emporia, KS. It was about 9:30pm or so I believe. It was an amazing sight! It was orange and yellow and then turned into a green color. It just looked like a fireball floating through the sky. -Cristina D

Mannford, Ok.
I saw this fireball/meteor tonight. It was between 9:15-9:30 pm. I live in Mannford, Oklahoma off of Highway 48 half way between highway 33 and highway 51. My husband & I were taking our dog outside & we were actually watching a bat fly around our security light catching bugs. I was looking off to the southwest & out of NO WHERE this big ball came across the sky. I was yelling at my husband to look because I was speechless. To me, it look close to the size of a basketball & looked like the headlight of a car. It was moving fast. As soon as my husband turned around to see it it was turning a green color & then was gone. It kind of had orange sparks coming off of it...I was amazed & could not believe what I saw. My husband researched to see if it was just us & ran across your website. Hope this helps!! Sincerely, Janet Blumer - Mannford, Ok.

Oklahoma City, OK
Found your website searching "meteor" oklahoma and the date, We were driving on northwest expressway, a few miles away from the okc city limits out in the country at about nwexpwy and cimmeron road (where there are few lights and little traffic at night.) Suddenly there were blue flashes around the car, I was driving and confused for a second as to where it was comming from, I looked out the drivers side window to see if there were a power outage making street lights flash, but then thought "what street lights?". The girls in the car and I all said "what is that?" at the same time, the flashes were so bright. As I leaned into the drivers side window to look out; another flash above caught my eye and I realized it was something on fire in the air. This was the biggest thing Ive ever seen on fire flashing through the sky. I was driving my daughters friend to her house and she was in the seat behind me. So she saw the meteor too, and we both wondered if it might be a plane exploding. My daughter was in the passenger seat and could only see the flashes, it light up the front glass and the south side glass of the car, plus the entire outside around. We were driving towards the northwest on the highway, so the flashes were on the south side of the car, to see the meteor, I had to lean to the window and look up a little. The trail behind the fireball looked like a comet. There were numerous firey peices, large ones that were red, white, and blue/white, in quite a distance behind it, and it lasted longer than any shooting star Ive ever seen. There should definately be something that fell to the earth somewhere.( If this wasnt a plane or rocket exploding, it missed it's chance) it should at least be one of the biggest meteors around. If you cant tell, we were a little shaken up, because it looked like something exploding in the sky, and the light of each explosion reaching all the way down to our car was unbelievable, it was a litte unnerving, alone in the dark with just two 15 year old girls, wondering if it might be a missle that was shot at oklahoma City. We will book mark your page to see if someone turns in a video of this! Thanks ,- Brenda O'Hern Six

Lavon, Texas
I went outside a bit after 9 in Lavon Texas. I'm not very good with directions but our house faces south I believe. Towards Wylie and Sachse. If I was indeed facing south then the bright white glow moved east to west. (left to right) it was amazing. I have seen meteor showers before living out in Waxahachie on dark nights away from city lights but this was incredible. It was not like any "shooting star" I have ever seen. It was low in the horizon and from my perspective as big as an orange. It was a brilliant white glow with a 4-6 inch tail that coned into a point like the fire discharging from a jet engine. I will probably never see anything like it again in my lifetime (with the exception of possible end of world in 2012 LOL) and am very grateful to have had that wonderful opportunity. -Nic

Dripping Springs, Texas 
We saw the green ball of light falling across the sky last night in Dripping Springs, Texas around 9:00ish. Thank you, -Lisa

Rockwall, Texas
I'm unable to attest to color but this meteor was very large and hung in the sky for a significant amount of time. It was as bright as or brighter than the North Star. I witnessed this from just south of Rockwall, Tx with almost zero light pollution at approximately 8:45, March 23, 2011
- David King

Lucas, Texas
I saw this last night…it was about 9:15 ish. We were driving on Ingram Lane going North, when I saw a VERY large, VERY bright light to the North West. It actually took me a second to figure out what I was looking at! This is a rural area and I thought it might have been a helicopter search light or something. But just as I figured out what it was, it faded away. It was bright white with maybe a hint of green. It was about midway above the horizon and traveling north. I told my husband that I bet part of that thing landed somewhere! Hope this information helps and would love to know what you find out about it! Thank-you, -Donna Bradshaw

Fort Worth, Texas
Date of sighting: 03-23-2011. Time of sighting: around 8:30 pm cst
I am located on the west side of fort worth just outside loop 820 and just north of I-30. I was facing northwest and spotted the meteor just for a moment as it was nearing the ground and disappeared from my view behind the houses nearby. I could not judge distance or size although I was struck by the large size and bright green light. I took my compass out this morning and would estimate that it disappeared from view at a bearing of 310 degrees. It appeared to move left to right at a downward angle of approximately 30 degrees. It appeared round in shape with a bright green glow. The tail behind the ball was not long only about four or five times the width. Thanks, -Greg Richardson

35 from Waco to Fort Worth, Texas
I saw it falling from the sky while driving on 35 from Waco to Fort Worth, Texas.It was so dark but maybe in the area of the "skydive"field.East side of the highway. It was amazing. March 23 ,2011 Time between 8;00 pm and 9:00pm The color was a firey yellow with a little green. At first it looked like fireworks falling down to earth. There was a tail of smaller sparkles as it arched down like an arrow followed the ball.It moved very fast. I could not get my cell phone camera ready fast enough to photograph since I was driving. -Anon.

Denver, Colorado ~9pm MDT (different meteor event)
Saw a very bright meteor heading east toward yale and I-25 around 9pm not sure what time it was exactly. First time I seen one that was not overhead. Very bright just above the horizon.
Couldn’t tell you how big it was Looked maybe from that distance size of a compact car or half the size of one Looked like it was going to strike within Colorado far east

If anyone else saw this meteor event please email. We need the time, the location (town) you were when you saw it, the start and end locations in the sky and the direction of travel of the meteor; thank you!


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