01 March 2011

California Utah Meteors 27FEB2011

Meteor in Utah last night? 27FEB2011
Hi, I'm just curious if you've had any reports of a meteor in Utah last night. I just happened to see a blue ball fall very fast about a golf ball size ( from my window) . I was facing South and saw it fall down towards the horizon, I actually got worried that it was going to hit the ground and explode. I'm not sure what it was so I'm hoping you might know. It was around 8 or 9 pm.
Thanks - Amy Kohler

Rancho Cucamonga, California Meteor 10:30PM 27FEB2011
Last night at about 10:30PM, my girlfriend and I saw something fall from the sky. It was very bright and seemed to have little angle - looked as though it was dropping nearly straight down. At first we thought it was a "shooting star" however there is a mountain range about a mile from my home and the object fell below the mountain range before the light went out. Meaning, it looked as though it fell between my home and the mountain. I have never seen anything so bright before - Crazy! You can contact me at stan.doll@yahoo.com or at this address. By the way, I live in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Do you know what this might have been?
Stanley Doll


Clint McM said...

I saw the Same thing in Utah, But i was looking East. and saw it go down above the uintahs

barrynlynda said...

Yes My wife and I in two different cars saw it in the eastern sky around 10:00 maybe later. Huge light almost straight down. Some people say we are on drugs. Nice to see other normal people saw it too. Sonora Ca. East of Modesto Ca.