27 March 2011

TX OK meteor 24MAR2011Sightings UPDATE 27MAR2011

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TX/OK Meteor 23MAR2011 Roughly 61 Sighting Locations in 8 US States
Red=M/M News reports Aqua=ELP reports Purple=AMS reports P=Camera Locations
Sighting area roughly 900x700 miles...over 100 witnesses
REPORTS: TX...27   OK...17  KS...8  AR...3  NM...2  NE...2  CO...1  MO...1  
Thank you to all of the persons that sent their witness reports!  
YOUR sighting reports are very important!!! Thank you!!!

Dave Gheesling, Robert Ward, Todd Parker, Michael Farmer, Robert Woolard, Rob Woolard Jr, and Jerry Hinkle hunting the 24MAR2011 Oklahoma Fireball.  There are more than 12 people searching as of today.

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