09 March 2011

Recent Meteor/Meteorite News 9MAR2011

Huge Impact Crater Found in Remote Congo
National Geographic
The find brings the number of known meteor craters on Earth to 182. The so-called Luizi structure was first described in a German geological report from 1919. But without further fieldwork, it was impossible to say for sure that the 10.5-mile-wide ...

Piece of meteor found near Krizevci
Croatian Times
A piece of a meteor was found near the central Croatian town of Krizevci, the first extra-terrestrial item to come down on Croatia in the last 60 years. A black stone weighing 292 grams was found on February 20, following the impact of a larger rock ... (photo shown is NOT the one found; it is a lunar meteorite from Antarctica)

It's official: The first Israeli meteorite has been discovered
Haaretz Daily Tue, 08 Mar 2011 14:21 PM PST
Since he was a four-year-old in Hungary, Gabriel Shaked of Kibbutz

 Afikim has been looking for meteorites on the ground. A year-and-
a-half ago, he found what he was looking for in the Arava's Timna region....

MeteoriteChina - 百姓陨石
www.meteoritechina.com - Report the Special Meteorites Possessed by Common People in China Iron-Stone Meteorite. The Largest Iron-stone Meteorite in China ... (Claim of world largest achondrite found with photos?????)

The Great Fireball Network
Watching the skies is much more than a hobby with astronomer Bill Cooke -- it's an obsession.

隕石に地球外生命の化石かNASA研究者 科学 YOMIURI ONLINE読売新聞
【ワシントン支局】米航空宇宙局(NASA)マーシャル宇宙飛行センターのリチャード・フーバー博士が、地球外の微生物とみられる化石を隕石(いんせき)の中に発見した ...

Some of Mars' Missing Carbon Dioxide May be Buried
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
At that site, a meteor impact has exposed rocks from deep underground, inside Leighton crater. In their report of that discovery, Joseph Michalski of the Planetary Science Institute, Tucson, Ariz., and Paul Niles of NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, ...

Scientists Skeptical of Meteorite Alien Life Claim
Did a NASA researcher find signs of alien bacteria in meteorites? Colleagues highly doubt it.

导读美国宇航局一位天体生物学家理查德胡佛Richard Hoover近期宣布他在一块陨石中找到了细菌化石对于这一发现美国《探索》杂志网站专栏作者菲尔普莱Phil Plait撰文提出 ...

Bugs From Space? Forget It
Science AAAS
by Richard A. Kerr on 7 March 2011, 6:14 PM | Permanent Link | 0 Comments HOUSTON, TEXAS—Planetary scientists gathered here for the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference are greeting news of life in a meteorite with dismay. ...

NASA Refutes Alien Discovery Claim
Discovery News
... for conspiracy theorists to chew over (and they probably will, for months), but as you may have already guessed, something wasn't quite "right" about Richard Hoover's announcement of an extraterrestrial discovery inside samples of meteorites...

Does 'Revelstoke' meteorite hold evidence of extra-terrestrial life?
Back on April 1, 1965 the story about a meteor shower over Revelstoke made the front page, but just barely, tucked in right at the bottom of the page. By Aaron Orlando - Revelstoke Times Review Why meteor fragments totalling just one gram that were 

Meteorite with abundant nitrogen for life on Earth?
PhysOrg.com (press release)
Research on the Grave Nunataks 95229 meteorite produced unexpected amounts of ammonia, containing nitrogen, a building block of life. Credit: NASA (PhysOrg.com) -- A chemical essential for building the first life forms on Earth has been found in 

Observational astronomy/meteor observing - Wikiversity
meteor or shooting star is a streak of light seen in the sky. It is caused by a small particle of interplanetary material (a meteoroid) hitting the ...

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Berthoud Recorder
Larger bits appear initially as a bright meteor. Baseball-sized rocks and ice-balls streak through our atmosphere daily, most evaporating quickly to nothing. Significant threats do exist for rocks near 100 meters in diameter, which strike the Earth 

Strange life signs found on meteorites-NASA scientist
By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON, March 6 (Reuters) - A NASA scientist reports detecting tiny fossilized bacteria on three meteorites, and maintains these microscopic life forms are not native to Earth. If confirmed, this research would suggest life in 

Meteorite with abundant nitrogen for life on Earth
Natural History Museum
A chemical essential for building the first life forms on Earth has been found in abundance in an Antarctic meteorite, say scientists in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week. The team from Arizona State University and...

Has Evidence Of Alien Life Been Found In Meteorites?
NPR (blog)
The email went on to explain that Dr Hoover is publishing an article claiming discovery of fossilized bacteria in meteorites. If true the result would mean life formed elsewhere in the solar system. I was, of course, immediately intrigued but being in 

A well-travelled meteorite
Astronomy Now Online
Analysis of a pea-sized chunk of meteorite dating back to the dawn of the Solar System provides the first evidence that dust particles bound up in these ancient rocks are well-travelled and have experienced a range of environments. 

Scientists Find Extreme Oxygen Isotope Variation In Meteorite
PR Newswire (press release)
HOUSTON, March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA research on a meteorite has provided new evidence that the inner planets formed from materials spread far and wide in the early solar system, and not just from nearby matter. 

Meteorite chunk offers clues to solar system evolution
False-color compositional X-ray image of the rim and margin of a 4.57 billion-year-old calcium-aluminum-rich inclusion from the Allende meteorite. Analysis of oxygen isotope abundances clued scientists in to the huge distances this chunk of rock 

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