30 March 2011

Los Angeles, CA Meteor 29MAR2011

Los Angeles, CA  Meteor 8:09-8:30pm March 29, 2011
We saw a meteor in Los Angeles, CA by Westwood between 8:09-8:30pm March 29, 2011...
Have there been any reports?
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Beverly Hills, CA Green Double Flash March 29
When I was driving east on santa Monica blvd into beverly hills, I saw a massive quick green double flash from a source that was most likely on the ground. What is this? Do small meteorites cause this to happen? - D. Berry
No, not usually.  Meteors only flash when they are several miles high in the upper atmosphere.  What you may have seen was something on the horizon that "appeared to be near" the ground. - LunarMeteorHunter, Tokyo

Has anyone else seen this?  IF so please email your report to LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  Thank You!

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