30 March 2011

Texas Meteor Sighting 29MAR2011

Fort Worth, Texas Meteor or Space Junk Burning up 11:30PM 29MAR2011
At approximately 11:30PM I saw what appeared to be a meteorite burning up in the atmosphere or space junk burning up. I was driving south on Interstate 35 about 15 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas when I saw a brilliant whitish-green light tracking in a southerly direction. I first saw it through the windshield of my car at approximately directly overhead. It tracked almost directly south before burning out in about 5 seconds. - H. Majors

Has anyone witnessed a meteor ?  Please provide the time, your location and what you saw.  If so please email me at: 
 Thank you!

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cameron said...

I was in north fort worth on the 29th of march and saw the exact same description you gave directly overhead, was close to 35 and 820