23 March 2011

Central Missouri Meteor 21MAR2011/ 11MAR2011

Butler, Missouri Green Meteor 9:15 CST 21MAR2011
Central Missouri Green Meteor 7:30 CST 11MAR2011
My name is Ed. I live in west central Missouri in the US. Last night (March 21) at about 9:15 CST I saw my second "green" meteor traveling on a West to East path. The first on that I saw was on March 11th about 7:30 CST traveling from East to West. Both were strange in the fact that not only was it green, but there was also a yellow fringe around the green portion. And it seemed to travel at a slower speed than most meteors that I have seen. If you happen to get any information about the one you saw, could you forward that to me. I would really like to find out more about them and why they have such vivid colors.
Thanks and have a great day! -Ed Biggs

Thank you Ed!


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