13 March 2011

Meteor Catchup 8MAR-11MAR2011 13MAR2011

Meteors Reported by Readers:

MARCH 11, 2011
Fireball- Coaling Alabama 10:01pm central time 11MAR2011
[2011/03/12 20:31:36] Guest503j (guest) wrote:
Fireball- Coaling Alabama 10:01pm central time

Toms River, New Jersey row of meteors 10 pm 11MAR2011
Mar 12 2011, 3:14 PM
Guest495 (guest) wrote: tonight 10 pm saw a row of meteors toms river nj spectacular yet scary about a dozen in a row thought it was a squadron of planes until they broke up and burned away: -jonas

Chanute, Kansas arrived from bing.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for large meteorite over kansas march 11, 2011.
05:50:34 -- 1 hour 15 mins ago

Kalispell, MT meteor/fireball in NE sky, 11 March, 2011,9:02 pm
jim (guest): Jim Rogers, bright meteor/fireball in NE sky, 11 March, 2011,9:02 pm, Kalispell, MT

canton CT  Friday 8:30 PM EST  11MAR2011
Guest400 (guest):friday 8:30 PM EST-canton CT southwest to northeast


Nieuwegein, Holland Green fireball 22:23 Amsterdam time 11MAR2011
veeg wrote: Green fireball or meteor seen March 11 in Nieuwegein, Holland around 22:23 Amsterdam time

MARCH 8, 2011
Le Pouzin, south France  meteor falling 9:00 AM then another 3:00 PM, 8MAR2011
Leah (guest)wrote: I watched a meteor falling this morning and burn up around 9:00 AM, and then ANOTHER one at 3:00 PM, today. At Le Pouzin, south France


Anonymous said...

March 12 at approx 10:22 PM I witnessed a green glowing fireball very low and extremely large. It was moving north eastward. I live in Grapevine TX and actually witnessed it while sitting in backyard through the trees and then an open space.

raashy said...

March 8th, about at 8:04pm local time I saw a huge bright green bolide or meteor falling over the city of Cayey, Puerto Rico.