08 March 2011

Meteoriet door dak TNT Post Kryptonstraat / Meteorite hits building the netherlands Video Meteor/Meteorite News

Meteoriet door dak TNT Post Kryptonstraat /
 Meteorite hits building the netherlands

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On friday march 4th a small meteorite hits through the ceiling of a officebuilding at the Kryptonstreet in Ede, The Netherlands. 30 people working at time of impact in the building, no one gets hurt. Meteorite was sent to European Space Agency. (c) copyright Videovalley. All rights reserved.

Iron Meteorite? Appears to be metal- maybe space trash or aircraft part??? - Tokyo

"It looks very artificial and not at all like a fresh iron meteorite. Piece of
(corroded) machinery of some sort."
- Marco
Marco (asteroid 183294) Langbroek
Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

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Anonymous said...

Amazingly prudent of the filmer to include the jets overhead!

I won't make the obvious reference to kryptonite.