08 March 2011

Breaking News -Tablas Island, Philippines- fiery and swift ball of fire/ tremor 10am 7MAR2011 (GMT+8)

Tablas Island, Romlon, Philippines 7MAR2011 Event
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Breaking News!!!
Rare Event- Tablas Island, Romblon in Central Philippines, fiery and swift ball of fire falling followed by a tremor ~10am on March 7, 2011 (GMT+8)
Eddie G. Fetalvero wrote
Eddie G. Fetalvero. At about 10am on March 7, 2011 (GMT+8), a loud explosion was heard in our island (Tablas Island) in the province of Romblon in Central Philippines. It was followed by a tremor.
Fishermen on sea saw a fiery and swift ball of fire falling from sky (daytime). Some forests were burned. Some debris fell into the sea. The impact site is now being identified by authorities.
Anybody who can explain this phenomenon?
Why that so loud explosion and strong tremor?
Perhaps a volcano erupted? Any reports?

Eddie G. Fetalvero replied:
There was no report of volcanic eruption or plane crash.
Based on the police reports (up to this time they have been gathering accounts of witnesses), the loud explosion was heard all over the island followed by a tremor. Reverberations of explosion were observed on GI roofings.  A cogonal upland area was reported ablazed.  Initial impressions point to a meteor, "bulalakaw" in the local dialect. Its size was believed to be bigger than the usual shooting stars.
Please email me at LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com  I will try to answer your questions.  Thank you for you report!

Anyone else from the RP that saw something? Please advise of Philippine local press reports! please email; thank you!

Email Comment from Reader:

This seems to explain a major proton event in the atmosphere being reported by several researchers who are interested in earthquake prediction (normally using ELF/ULF events). 
There were other posts, but this is typical.

On Monday, Mar 7, 2011, at 22:50 America/Detroit, David Thomson wrote:
> There is a strong proton event occurring right now. Haven't seen anything
> this strong in several years. It also looks like a major X class flare is
> brewing. Watch for the rounded hump in the x-ray flux a few hours before it
> blows.

> Dave

Kreigh Tomaszewski


Yodadogproductions said...

Here's video I made when I discovered that Asteroid 2011 EY11 was goning to come closer than NASA promoted and close enough to stike.

Anonymous said...

Any news on April 28, 2011 at about 225 AM ?? Because we heared a very Loud and a frightening vibration that cracked some of our house walls at brgy. Malapantao Looc Tablas Romblon??? Is that a meteor or an Explosion from an illegal mining???