10 March 2011

Saskatchewan Canada Meteor 1:40am 9MAR2011

Strongfield Saskatchewan Canada Meteor 1:40am  March 9,2011
I had to check the internet to see if anyone had seen a meteor the morning of March 9,2011 in Saskatchewan and came across the one in Manitoba instead. WOW!
At 1:40am I saw a meteor south of Strongfield Saskatchewan Canada.
It was absolutely huge and very close to earth, I strongly feel it did hit somewhere.
The front of the meteor was yellow then orange then it turned to red, where the tail started it was the brightest blue you could image, it was beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

I myself spotted something in the sky at 1.44am and thought I was going nuts - I live in Ireland by the way so amazed to see this comment that the meteor was in canada and I got to see it. Colet