24 March 2011

Utah meteor ~11 pm 23MAR2011

23MAR2011 Sighting Locations of Utah Meteor
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A reader writes:
I was wondering if someone saw a meteorite in Utah tonight (March 23rd 2011), around 11pm. I saw it from my window.. a ball of fire falling really fast towards the horizon. -Anon

Salt Lake City, Utah March 23
thursday March 23, 2011 about 11 p.m. Salt Lake City
I saw a 2-stage mass of flames, which fell straight downward, in the Southwestern sky
like a huge piece of flaming debris, exploding in flames, then fell further and burst again
then burned out before falling below the horizon. It was very large, very strking. -Anon

Cedar Hills, Utah
Hi - Im in Northern Utah. I saw the green fireball meteor in the S/W portion of the sky last last night. There was a little 'hiccup' right before it disappeared. It was fantastic! I was really fortunate to have seen it.
- rachel

Provo, Utah
I'm located in NE Provo, Utah and I saw a HUGE looking black ball on fire through my window last night. I saw it for about 2 seconds and it was lit the entire time with a little spark towards the end. It was falling south east almost vertically. It was in 11:00 hour.
Emery Simmons

Lehi, UT
My wife saw it while driving. She called to tell me about it, since she knows I've dreamed of spotting one for a long time. I don't have any other details. -Greg B, Lehi, UT

Fillmore, Utah 11:11 pm
I was driving northbound 1-15 just a few miles outside of Fillmore, Utah it was almost directly overhead headed from east to west over the western mtns . Time was 11:11 pm mountain time.
- Cydney Y.

Bountiful, UT March 23rd,2011 @ around 11pm
Guest566 (guest):
Meteorite sawing in Bountiful, UT. March 23rd,2011 @ around 11pm. Saw a really fast ball of fire falling of the sky towards the horizon.

Springville, Utah 
Hi my name is jared i saw something last night at about 11:15 PM i had just got done playing basketball at my local church meeting house in springville utah it started in southwest and headed straight west i didnt get to see the end of it cause it went behind the church but it was awesome!! At first i thought it was a firework or something but it was way to big and way too far out there.. it was greenish blue and had yellow sparks following it. What was it? My friends all thought i was crazy but i know i saw something!! Please get back to me Thanks!! -Jared

West Valley City, Utah
It was around 11 pm in West Valley City I was sitting in my back yard and saw a ball of fire falling fast from the sky that was almost a blue at the bottom and a pink flame up top. it fell straight to the ground facing sw. Left me a little scared..
Courtney WVC, UT
Wellington, Utah  3-23-11 at 11:12 pm
I was in Wellington (just south of Price) on Hwy 6, northbound, heading to the canyon to come back to Utah county. I drive a semi, so I was up a little higher than someone in a car, and I have a huge windshield, that allows for great views. On 3-23-11 at 11:12 pm (I was able to pinpoint the time due to calling my husband as soon as it finished) I saw a huge white ball. At first glance I thought it was an airplane or something, because it was WAY too large to be a shooting star. It was falling straight down. It was traveling at a high rate of speed. It exploded into a larger red and orange burst, then the tail trailing behind got really bright and long, kind of glowing yellow and then turning pink, then another explosion of some sort but this time the red was extremely bright, you could almost see the flames and there was a small amount of black in the very center. From where I was at, I thought it had hit Soldier Summit or the mountain range between Price and Spanish Fork. The angle I was at, it looked like it actually hit the ground somewhere. It was going so fast, almost straight down and didn't even get close to being small or burning up before it got to the ground. I was kinda freaked out and at the same time kinda excited. I would love to know what it was. I didn't see any green color to suggest it was a meteor. The only colors I saw were red, orange, white, yellow and pink, and the orange wasn’t big or last long. I've never seen anything like it. It was incredible!! With something that large, you would think it has got to be reported somewhere. I’ve never even seen a tail like this or this long or big. Do you have any clue what it was yet or even where it landed? All the way thru the canyon, I kept wondering if I was going to come across a wrecked UFO ... lol - laura miller

If anyone else saw this meteor event please email.  We need the time, the location you were when you saw it, the start and end locations in the sky and the direction of travel of the meteor; thank you!



Anonymous said...

I seen a colorful object in the sky that had me a little freaked out at 11pm in Nova Scotia

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if anyone else saw this! i was on 6th south and 9th east facing west. it really did look like a firework dropping almost straight down, almost like a roman candle flare, how it glows bright and then extinguishes. after seeing it, and quickly pointing it out to a friend, we determined it was way too large and high in the sky to be a firework. curious as to what it was... i've never seen anything like it.

Okhan said...

I was also wondering if anybody else saw this. I was on my balcony in Montreal, QC at around 11:30 when I saw a big bright object with a tail appear and disappear in a matter of seconds.