23 March 2011

North Carolina Meteor Fireball ~7:30? pm 22MAR2011

From readers of Meteor/Meteorite News:
Wadesboro, NC Large Bright Meteor ~8:00 pm
Meteorite sighting approx 8pm ish EDST NC
Hey there, Saw your website and yes I absolutely saw the amazing large bright meteorite falling Tuesday evening. I was headed east on Highway 74 near Wadesboro NC. Could not believe how beautiful it was against the deep blue near sunset sky. Could see it extinguish towards the end. Beautiful - Roxanne Fox

Wilmington , North Carolina 7:35 pm 22MAR2011
I spotted this from my kitchen window in Wilmington , North Carolina , USA in the eastern sky. Appeared to be heading North from a southerly direction, but was about a 60 degree angle from the horizon. Only saw it for a few seconds before I lost sight of it behind the treeline. It was on March 22, 2011 at approximately 7:35 pm eastern standard time. I did not see any parts breaking off. It appeared orange red and white ( the tail was white) and made no sound that I could hear. (I was inside and didn’t think to listen after the sighting, which I understand the sound is sometime minutes delayed. The size if you can grasp the scale I give was a closed female fist is the top of a 40 ft.pine tree and the ball was the size of a female adult thumb. Hope this helps with your studies. - Sara B.

Fire In The Sky Across Eastern Carolina

Calls and emails have been coming into the newsroom about a fireball streaking across the sky Tuesday night. It appears what people saw was a meteorite like the one in the picture accompanying this story. We received calls and from people in Beaufort ...

"Fire in the sky" witnessed by many in southeastern NC
Many people described the meteorite as a fireball and lasted only a few seconds. Residents from Pender, Brunswick and New Hanover Counties reported seeing the object to the north and east, traveling north with a glowing fiery tail. ...

Local 911 callers report meteor sighting
StarNewsOnline.com (blog)
by Brian Freskos A possible meteorite entering the Earth's atmosphere late Tuesday evening had 911 centers in Southeastern North Carolina fielding multiple phone calls from concerned residents. New Hanover County emergency dispatchers interviewed ...

IF you saw this meteor please let me know what you saw; thank you!



jesse said...

I saw a meteor in wilmington nc at 7:33 pm I was headed ESE and it was falling to the north. At first i thought it was a roman candle being shot close by, but it was burning bright while falling on a fairly steep angle. But it's size made me think it was a roman candle being shot within a couple of hundred yards or closer

Jason Black said...

On March 22nd, I also saw the meteor hit the atmosphere in Burlington, NC around the same time as the other person mentioned. I have seen a lot of fallen stars but these was no fallen star it was serious and quite amazing and fightful all at the same time just to think what a big on could really do. The way the other person described it was right on que. My wife, niece, and myself were on our way to dinner when we saw the meteor burn through the atmosphere, it was unlike anything I have ever seen before, we were awe struck. my email is: youbuynew@yahoo.com just in case you need anymore details. The large white streak behind it was like witnessing a plane beging it's decent in a crash with a motor aflame, you just aren't prepared for it.