16 June 2015

Ping Tung, Hengchun, Taiwan CRUX Star Scream Star Party 2015 w/ video

Ping Tung, Hengchun, Taiwan Southern Cross-CRUX Star Scream Star Party 2015 w/ video
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2015 Ping Tung, Taiwan Star Scream Party
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2015 Hengchun CRUX Star Scream Party activities were held June 13 at the Kenting National Park. Thousands of astronomy enthusiasts and professional astronomy groups from Ping Tung and all of Taiwan shared the night sky, telescopes and numerous educational exhibits and cultural performances; famous meteorite collector Smith Chiu, Taipei, displayed his collection of meteorites, including a 100 kg iron meteorite.

2015恆春南十字星吶活動 6月13日將在墾丁國家公園貓鼻頭舉行,國內上百位天文愛好者,將帶著專業的天文器材 和民眾分享天文之美,知名隕石收藏家邱世宗展出各類隕石,其中還包括一顆重達100公斤的隕石,縣長潘孟安邀請民眾 暫時別當低頭族,一塊來恆春抬頭追星星!


Earlier in June 2015- Taiwan!

高雄市天文學會 via 國家太空中心 NSPO【看見台灣,夢想升空】
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2015 The SECOND Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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