18 June 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 18JUN2015

Nothing escapes The Global Ear: Nuclear tests, volcanoes, earthquakes or meteors
The Global Ear hears all: on February 15, 2013, the CTBTO's infrasound monitoring stations detected signals made by a meteorthat had entered the ...

Announcement from Planetary Science Research Discoveries [PSRD]
New Headline Article: Tungsten Isotopes, Formation of the Moon, and Lopsided Addition to Earth and
-- A distinct difference in tungsten isotopic composition between the Moon and Earth is
consistent with the Moon and Earth starting with the same isotopic composition, but then modified by
late accretion of different amounts of chondritic asteroids. ...

Could Methane in Mars Meteorite Hint at Ancient Life?
Discovery News - 12 hours
Methane, a potential sign of primitive life, has been found in meteorites from Mars, adding weight to the idea that life could live off ...

There's Methane In Them Thar Martian Rocks!
Scientific American - 1 hour
Indigenous methane appears to exist in martian rocks -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Earth's core contains 90 percent of Earth's sulfur, new research shows
Science Daily - 6 hours
So perhaps there is some truth in the old legends of the underworld reeking of brimstone (or sulfur, as it is now called). New research ...

Moon Is Surrounded By Giant Dust Cloud That Gets Denser During Meteor Showers
Headlines & Global News
The Geminid meteor showers occur each December when the Earth moves through a cloud of debris from the Phaethon, which has been referred to ...

Lopsided Cloud of Dust Discovered Around the Moon
National Geographic
Dust particle counts peaked during these meteor showers, which happen when the Earth (and moon) pass through clouds of cometary debris.

Giant dust clouds near moon's surface slowly erasing astronaut footprints
Los Angeles Times
Scientists have found vast clouds of moon dust floating above the lunar surface that grow each time there is a meteor shower on Earth. The clouds are ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16/17JUN2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
Astronomers say the massive dust cloud increases in density when annual events like the Geminids meteor shower spew shooting stars. It could even ...

RIP- Chinese Astronomer Zeng Wei Zhou 1988-2015
I have a very sad news that Zeng Wei Zhou (Born on November 9, 1988, died at home 2:00am on May 11 2015. He loved astronomy since he was a child. He specialized in visual meteor observations, satellite observations and forecasts of asteroid occultations. Before his death, he also built a small remote control observatory at home. He provided meteor observers with a lot of help and has been recognized by everyone in China for his contributions.So all of China's astronomy enthusiasts were sadden of the news of his death. Chinese astronomy researcher Quanzhi Ye, has submitted an asteroid naming proposal, hoping to commemorate him for his contribution to Chinese astronomy. I think we should all remember his contribution.

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