04 June 2015

Austria Fireball Meteor 03JUN2015 w/ fragmentation

Breaking News- Austria 30sec Long Duration Fireball Meteor 2130 Local 03JUN2015 with Fragmentation
This event was likely also seen in Germany and perhaps the Czech Republic.
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Austria Fireball Meteor 2130 Local 03JUN2015 with Fragmentation
v.1 c2015 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
If you saw this event file a meteor sighting report-

Initial meteor Sighting Report-
03JUN2015 Pete Spivey Mondsee, Upper Austria, Austria 09.30PM 30 sec E-W red at first than white vapor trails splitting into four pieces brighter than venus yes four parts falling off vertically down wards starting off as a red dot going very fast and turning into a white vapor trail going down wards before splitting off into 4 equal synchronized parts. Main body appeared to carry on past the earth ... amazing

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