17 June 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 16/17JUN2015

Meteorite Glass Beads From Pingtung San Di Men, Taiwan
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Blogger
隕石琉璃珠」大方送 天文同好驚喜 news.sina.com.tw 國際隕石大師Dirk Ross今天(6月15日)結束行程離台,他除了和國內天文同好分享在世界各地追尋隕石 ...

Is any of this true (An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 if it is why it not on ...
Yahoo Answers
First, I'll answer your question: no. It's all a hoax. If I may, I'd like to fix your BS detector. The BS detector is not a device, but an attitude - one that ...

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 14/15JUN2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Rescuers in military helicopters hoist simulated patients out Meteor Crater Friday at part of this year's Angel Thunder rescue training exercise.

New hint of life of Mars as methane is found inside Martian meteorite
Metro - 1 hour
Simple life-forms could use the gas as a food source

Methane in meteorites shows Mars soil could support life, study indicates
The Guardian - 5 hours
Analysis of meteorite samples has led scientists to believe that the subsurface of Mars could support microbes which thrive in methane-rich ...

Methane In Mars Meteorites Another Hint At Red Planet's Potential For Life
Forbes - 7 hours
Scientists have another clue that may point to the present or past existence of life on Mars. A team of researchers from around the globe ...

New research shows Earth's core contains 90 percent of Earth's sulfur
EurekAlert! - 1 hour
( European Association of Geochemistry ) So perhaps there is some truth in the old legends of the underworld reeking of brimstone (or sulfur, ...

The moon's 'ring of dust' revealed: Nasa uncovers permanent lopsided cloud that caused Apollo ...
Daily Mail
Astronomers say the massive dust cloud increases in density when annual events like the Geminids meteor shower spew shooting stars. It could even ...

Quirky rains
Forbes India - 20 hours
A few weeks ago, it rained spiders in an Australian city. Here's what else could fall from the skies Read more...

LN-300 as a AllSky or Meteor Detection Camera
Cloudy Nights
i am putting together my own meteor detection system and i was wondering if the above camera could be able to do the job, cause my budget doesn't ...

Anyone Else See a Meteor in Pennsylvania Tonight?
Above Top Secret
I live in the central part of Pennsylvania in the United States and it was probably around 9:30-10PM that I saw what I think was a meteor burning up.

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