22 June 2015

AZ Meteor 21JUN2015

AZ Meteor Approx. 2100 Mtn. Time 21JUN2015
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AZ Meteor Approx. 2100 Mtn. Time 21JUN2015
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8 Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
21JUN2015 Christopher Howard Scottsdale, AZ 21:03 AST, 5 seconds S - down Green Very bright seemed to split into 2 very brief: was just too high in the sky to be a firework

21JUN2015 Lori paup Sunizona, AZ 21:03 pm Arizona 5 S-n Orange blue green Sun No No

21JUN2015 Kanemi Suizu Phoenix AZ 85032 21:00 5 secs South Green Orange White Fire works South I thought it was fire works till I see the other peoples comments.

21JUN2015 Marion MacDonald Tucson, AZ, USA 20:55 5 NW-S Two bright green bursts moon (full) No Created shadows on ground

21JUN2015 Jennifer Powers Tucson, AZ 20:55 4 N-S Green with blue tail Venus No It was very bright.

21JUN2015 Cindy Galowitch Phoenix, AZ 85048 20:50pm Mountain time 5-10 secs? Saw/I was facing south, it was falling left to right No sound, green, orange, bright Sun-very bright A little It was like seeing a firework on July 4th-big bright explosion, falling fast thru the sky before burning out. My husband and I were in our backyard pool, I looked up and saw it before I could explain to him it was gone. Just an amazing sight! I Googled fireball and that's exactly what it looked like. I'm still in awe!

21JUN2015 Steve Acquafredda Phoenix, AZ ~20:50 2 sec South Whitish Bright Not observed Driving near 32nd street and Shea with family member we both viewed it.

21JUN2015 John Herrera Scottsdale, Az. 2036 2 - 3 seconds south green brighter than venus but not as bright as moon yes it was fragmenting saw from my family room looking at at sky to the south. Object appeared and was fragmenting with bright green colors before fizzling out

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