17 June 2015

Meteorite Glass Beads From Pingtung San Di Men, Taiwan

Meteorite Glass Beads From Ping Tung San Di Men, Taiwan - 三地門
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Paiwan Glass Meteorite Beads, Ping Tung, San Di Men, Taiwan
c2015 汀雪見晴
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Hsiu Chu  Shih - Paiwan Bead Artist and Tombow Glass Studio Owner
Dirk Ross - Meterorite Expert and Glass Bead Designer
Ting Sha Jen Chin(汀雪見晴)- Principal, Tangrong Elementary School Pingtung

「隕石琉璃珠」大方送 天文同好驚喜
國際隕石大師Dirk Ross今天(6月15日)結束行程離台,他除了和國內天文同好分享在世界各地追尋隕石的經驗,還和屏東三地門的藝術家合作製作「隕石琉璃珠」送給天文同好。...
more- http://news.sina.com.tw/article/20150615/14556796.html

Google Translate-"Meteorite glass beads" Dafang Song astronomy enthusiasts Surprise
International Meteorite master Dirk Ross today (June 15) end of the trip from Taiwan, in addition to his sharing with the domestic astronomy enthusiasts about his around the world search for meteorites experience, also shared Pingtung Sandimen artist co-production "meteorite glass beads" to the Astronomy enthusiasts....

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