03 June 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 03JUN2015

Man on hunt for missing chunk of space-rock
Goulburn Post
A meteor crashed to earth on a property near Binda that night. The impact shook windows and, according to reports, cracked walls of homes in the ...

Almeria, Spain Fireball Meteor 01JUN2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Breaking News - Almeria, Spain Fireball Meteor 2220 Local 01JUN2015 Updates pending. Almeria, Spain Time: 22:20 (local time) or 20:20 (UTC+0).

Big, bright' meteor seen over Tasmania
Signs of the Times
A meteor sighting over Launceston this morning has prompted a reminder that cold, clear winter conditions provide a perfect platform for sightings.

Amazing images of the skies returned by Curtin University
Central Midlands & Coastal Advocate
Led by Professor Phil Bland, Curtin University's Desert Fireball Network (DFN) has captured stellar images of West Australian skies. The network of ...

Stargazing forecast: See these night-sky sights this summer
The Weather Network
The radiant of this meteor shower - the spot in the sky that they appear to originate from - rises around 11 p.m. (local time), and it tracks across the ...

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