27 June 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 27JUN2015

NASA to get space station view of Earth-bound asteroids, meteors
Network World
The Meteor investigation camera is programmed to record known major meteor showers during its two-year orbit and could also spot unpredicted ...

Japanese company Ale to create fireworks using meteors in Earth's atmosphere
Daily Mail
A meteor is what we call a flash of light in the atmosphere when debris ... much of the debris burns up in the atmosphere, forming a meteor shower.

Meteor captured falling over Hobart's Domain
The Mercury
The meteor was most likely a ping pong to tennis ball sized space rock....

Meteor falls over Hobart Domain
Perth Now
... the video recorded by José Navarro, said it appeared to be a ...

Meteor to mark your birthday? Japanese start-up hopes to launch its own shooting stars
South China Morning Post (subscription)
Fancy a meteor shower racing across the night sky to mark your birthday? One Japanese start-up is hoping to deliver shooting stars on demand and ...

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