22 June 2015

MN IA IL Meteor 21JUN2015

MN IA IL Meteor 2130 Central Time 21JUN2015

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
21JUN2015 Cameron Ford Polk City, Iowa, USA 2130, Central US 5-7 seconds East to North East White and light blue no sound Venus None None

21JUN2015 Alicia Lytle Machesney Park, IL USA 9:30 pm 5-6 seconds i was facing west it came from the southwest traveling at an angle glowing ball of light. white possibly fire colors brightness like Venus no it seemed to be pretty low before glowing stopped traveling very fast

21JUN2015 Jean Roe LEROY, MN USA 21:20 10 seconds Notice it straight up travelling true West. I was facing south and it was travelling to the right. Bright white with orange and blue tail Moon No Four other family members witnessed as we sat outside grilling. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

21JUN2015 Lori Dodge Center, MN, USA Around 9pm CST 5 seconds Facing South, traveled from left to right, from East to West The colors were beautiful! Like a rainbow! Brighter than the moon. No falling parts. It was gorgeous! I thought it was a firework, but it never exploded! There was no sound. It was clearly a glowing ball with a less bright tail. I was at a park, and two other people saw it as well. This morning, I mentioned it at work, and it was also seen in Owatonna, MN, USA.

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